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To worry and wonder how hard conceiving is going to be with PCOS?

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thepolymysticovary Tue 01-Apr-14 15:18:30

Last night DP and I had a chat and we both decided that now is the right time to start ttc!

I felt excited at this, but after a 6 year battle with constant flood bleeding and pains, I was finally diagnosed with Polycystic Ovaries and the beginning of uterine fibroids two weeks ago.

Now, I am 22 stone (feel so ashamed writing that, but that's how it is), and I have read so many stories of other PCOS sufferers who have simply made changes to their diet, shed some weight, and without the help of fertility drugs conceived. Now, I am not a fool and know that the road ahead with regards to ttc could be a long one, but can anyone give me any hope with success stories?


WorraLiberty Tue 01-Apr-14 15:22:47

I'm sorry to hear that OP thanks

My friend managed to conceive naturally with Polycystic ovaries after about 18 months.

Please don't be offended because I mean this genuinely, but is now really the right time to ttc?

If you weigh 22 stone, that can cause all sorts of health risks for both you and the baby. What has the doctor said about it?

davidbrentslovechild Tue 01-Apr-14 15:24:04

I was told at 18 years old that, because of my PCOS, I would never have children. I had got some other issues too, which may have influenced their opinion but my ovaries were in a very bad state. I don't and didn't have the other symptoms of PSOS, for example the difficulty in losing weight and the excess hair etc.

However I got pregnant three times with my exh. I miscarried twice, but this was due to my blood group (I'm O neg). I went on to have a lovely son, who is now 9yo.

Bearing in mind that I was on the mini pill (to help with the PCOS) all three times that I got pregnant, there is definitely hope for you.

CrazyOldCatLady Tue 01-Apr-14 15:26:21

I have PCOS. I conceived DD in two months and DS in two weeks! I weighed about 19 stone when DD was conceived and about 17.5 when DS was.

I was on Metformin both times for diabetes, but no other medication.

PCOS isn't a guarantee that you'll have problems conceiving.

Clargo55 Tue 01-Apr-14 15:28:34

I think you are doing the right thing by TTC as it may take longer for you. However, I would really look at losing weight along side TTC. I think places like slimming world can adapt a dieting plan when somebody falls pregnant so it's still safe to continue.

Maybe your GP may be of some help with losing weight, think it could really reduce the symptoms of PCOS.

Good luck on your journey, hopefully the TTC works out sooner than expected.

GiveMeStrength2day Tue 01-Apr-14 15:33:07

From my own personal experience: I have PCOS. I found this out when I didn't conceive within a reasonable amount of time. I'd had investigations before (due to problems with periods) but I think I only had the Syndrome (as I'd had my ovaries scanned and nothing had shown) for the most part. Then, due to an unrelated issue, I put on a few stone and I think it was at this point, I grew ovarian cysts.

Here's a basic summary of what I did: (obviously) saw fertility/gynae consultant, went on low/no carb diet, was prescribed Metformin, had ovarian drilling op (had to pay for that - £2k??). My additional problem was fallopian tube scarring (not sure how that happened) and so I ended up having IVF (that's not to say this is what you'll have to do - as I said, I had tube problems).

I HATE advising anyone they need to lose weight as a) I'm pretty over-weight myself and b) I know how challenging it is. However, this is something you are more than likely going to have to do as a first step.

Remember Victoria Beckham has PCOS and she's got 4 children!

[Oh, and I have a DD from the IVF!]

yougotafastcar Tue 01-Apr-14 15:36:08

I was told i had PCOS at 16 but my periods werent too bad. i was about 16-17 stone when I conceived DS and it took about 5 months, roughly.

my cousin was told she would struggle to conceive with PCOS, she now has 2 dc's. eldest was concieved while just 'seeing' someone, so fairly quick and second was a one night stand and she took the morning after pill!

hope everything goes well for you.

Famzilla Tue 01-Apr-14 15:36:50

My friend conceived naturally with PCOS on her first attempt, honestly.

Obviously would not hurt you to get your body in a good shape for pregnancy though.

thepolymysticovary Tue 01-Apr-14 16:17:01

Thanks for your replies.

Without losing weight, my menorraghia will just continue endlessly and then i'm stuck because I can't have sex while blood is flooding. I think the only thing that will stop my bleeding is losing weight. I really believe that. I have a steely determination to shed the excess weight after dp and I's conversation last night, but with 12 stone to get rid of, I feel quite daunted.

Clargo55 Tue 01-Apr-14 16:24:15

Don't feel daunted you can do it. Try and break it up 12 stone can seem like a big target. Set a target of maybe 3 and work from there. Does your partner need to shift any weight? Can be great to have someone else to motivate with you.

Some great weight lose threads of here too.

You can do it OP.

BabsAndTheRu Tue 01-Apr-14 16:25:44

Hi op, I have PCOS and was told if not conceived after 9 months then go to the docs. This is what we did and we were referred onto the infertility clinic. I was then given Clomid. DS1 and DS2 are both here with the help of Clomid and DD was a surprise bonus we made all on our own.

On the weight issue I put on weight really easily, could be due to PCOS or just the way I am but I am a member of weightwatchers and although a healthy weight now keep going to keep a check on it.

The very best of luck to you from all of us here at Team BabsAndTheRu.

rumbleinthrjungle Tue 01-Apr-14 16:30:36

My sister with rampant PCOS has beautiful twins. It took time, it took work and effort, and finding the right diet to help (sugar was something she had real problems processing and made her symptoms much worse) and the right medics was important, she had two MCs. But she had a trouble free pregnancy the third time, everything just came together.

I really hope it does for you too, it absolutely is possible. smile

ebwy Tue 01-Apr-14 16:49:22

I was told I couldn't have kids due (as far as conceiving goes, there are other issues too) to PCOS. the other issues meant I would never get any medical help to conceive.

I am 39 with a 3 year old (conceived at around 17 stone) and a 1 year old (conceived by miracle the only time I had sex that year, when I was 16 stone)

it's possible.

BornFreeButinChains Tue 01-Apr-14 16:49:43

You can't process carbs, so go on low carb diet, get metformin and then exercise, pcos here two children, both after a period of diet and excerise.

JennySense Tue 01-Apr-14 16:59:45

Join the fertility friends website there's a board there with lots of pcos girls ttc they'll be able to give you good advice. Good luck!

RufusTheReindeer Tue 01-Apr-14 17:05:13

PCOS here

3 children, one took 18 months of trying and a further 6 months on clomid

Naturally pregnant a year of so later, miscarried

Naturally pregnant less than a year later, healthy baby

Naturally pregnant really quickly!!! Healthy baby

Good luck

sparechange Tue 01-Apr-14 17:09:26

OP, please don't think of it as having 12 stone to lose.

For now, you have 2 stone to lose. That is realistic, achievable, and when you do it, noticeable.
After that, you can aim to lose another 2 stone. Again, a very realistic and achievable goal

There are some excellent weightloss support groups on here, btw...

thepolymysticovary Tue 01-Apr-14 17:23:58

Thanks so much for all your lovely messages of support. So many of you have concieved even with pcos. I feel there's hope. I will break down my weight loss into targets of two stone. That's an excellent idea. It seems much more achievable that way!

serendipity16 Tue 01-Apr-14 17:38:45

Have you tried tranexamic acid for your menorrhagia?
I use a combination of tranexamic acid & mefenamic acid for heavy, painful periods.
I used to flood, couldn't sleep properly or leave the house & my periods used to range from 10-16 days.

I have pcos & i've had 6 kids.... some took a little long to conceive but some when we weren't even trying.

Just to give you a little hope.... that our bodies are amazing things....
I had an ectopic pregnancy & lost my left tube, i was heartbroken.
I was left with just a right tube & although i have 2 ovaries, only the left works.
4 months later.... i was pregnant, naturally.
When my left ovary released the egg, my right tube reached over & picked up the egg..... my little miracle is now 3 years old.

Good luck x

bopoityboo3 Tue 01-Apr-14 17:42:54

I have pcos and was told children weren't an option and would never happen naturally and unlikly on any treatments. My ovaries are a mess. I have a four year old and am due my second on saturday grin it's been hard and heart breaking at times but don't take everything they tell you as the be all and end all both conceved the old fashioned way without treatment.
Think i got pregnant quicker this time due to changing my diet and taking up a proper exercise routine. I also read a chinese medicine book on how to get pregnant this time and though some of it was a bit woo a lot of the diet advise made sense.

BarbaraPalmer Tue 01-Apr-14 17:51:48

i have PCOS - have very cystic ovaries, with acne and facial hair
<what a catch>. I only have about 3 periods a year.

we tried for DC1 for 12 months, before starting on Clomid
became pg on the first cycle of clomid

D2 was a surprise - no trying involved!

I should probably add that depsite PCOS I am not overweight, and so didn't have the added complications that obesity brings.

Koothrapanties Tue 01-Apr-14 18:38:47

I have pcos and conceived dd from one split condom.

I had recently lost a lot of weight during a stressful timeand I think that made the difference. I got down to a slim size 14 and was under 12 stone.

I couldn't believe it to be honest, the complete bitch lovely sonographer who spotted the pcos told me I would have no chance of conceiving naturally.

HypodeemicNerdle Tue 01-Apr-14 19:00:14

Another one with PCOS here. I had a scan a few years back and was told that if I was being scanned in a teaching hospital the scanning lady said she'd be videoing my ovaries as they were the most cystic she'd seen.

DC 1 was an accident I never thought I'd have!
DC 2 was conceived in the second month of trying
DC 3 took 13 months to conceive.

When I was originally diagnosed I was told I wouldn't conceive without help. I did and by the looks of the other replies I am far from the only one.

I have PCOS
DS1 conceived after 12 months of ttc - I had 6 months on metformin which did help me lose some weight but I was still just over 12 stone.

DS2 - 9 months of ttc but no medication. Weight was around 14 stone from memory (DS1 pregnancy weight I never quite got around to losing).

I wouldn't focus on weight loss per se but rather on health eating. There are a number of books that give ideas but the main theme seems to be low gi, cut out the junk, exercise. I still struggle with my weight but I am trying to focus on health rather than numbers on the scale now.

JennyOnAPlate Tue 01-Apr-14 20:47:59

I have pcos and was told I wouldn't conceive without help.

A month later I was pregnant with dd1 (I weighed just under 15 stone). It took 3 cycles to conceive dd2 (I weighed 16 stone).

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