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I've messed up my daughters schooling? What would you do?!

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MrsBramStoker Tue 01-Apr-14 03:24:36

Long story short, prefacing by feeling like the worst mother in the world, my DD started school last year in one school, loved it and it really brought the best out in her. It was a multidenominational school, which my mother kept commenting on and had issues about, would she make her communion, etc. it was a small school and very relaxed too. I feel weak for letting a. My own traditions about school effect me and b. my mother. Or maybe I felt it would be good for he to be challenged in a more traditional, structured school? Also, we had to move house anyway as our rented house had huge structural issues with it. We moved across city to be near my husbands sisters and also to a slightly posher area. My dd has to move school. It's more traditional and she has settled to a degree, but was crying and complaining of a sore tummy a few times. Not as outgoing and prefers to come home and watch tv, etc. we don't know any one on our street, etc.
I feel huge regrets about moving her. It's not a crisis but I feel the ethos of previous school suits her. She has option to go to school of similar ethos near where we live. She will also be going to secondary school with these kids if she moved so would be permanent.
Could I move her again? I feel she's lost all her spark and personality and her love of learning? She a clever child so her literacy not effected and is doing great. Her teacher said she seems settled again. Maybe it's just me who has reservations about the school. It's so traditional and catholic. Whereas other school more modern and forward thinking. Am annoyed I couldn't stand a up to my mother! Am losing sleep over this. Please be kind. Otherwise all good at home and in our family. Apart from fact we're trying to sell our small apartment we've rented out and hoping to buy permanent home. All this moving has been very unsettling for all. We also have twin boys aged almost four but are ok as have each other. Thanks for reading and listening as very anxious about it all

MrsBramStoker Tue 01-Apr-14 03:25:35

Sorry, seem to have unwittingly hidden previous similar original post

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