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BIL refusing to let mum come over for Xmas

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LordPalmerston Mon 31-Mar-14 17:29:35

So BIL has said that mum s going to him on Xmas eve - this means she wont see Joshy open his stocking at 4am on xmas day

Should I text him and tell him its not on?

LordPalmerston Mon 31-Mar-14 17:29:43


Nomama Mon 31-Mar-14 17:31:31

Well! That is just not on. It is only MARCH fer gossake!

How dare you type in a variant of that C word in MARCH, you bar steward, you!

MoominIsWaitingToMeetHerMiniMe Mon 31-Mar-14 17:32:28

YABU, you should have sorted this months ago. To deal with it this last minute just isn't on angry

WitchWay Mon 31-Mar-14 17:41:19

Never too soon to get organised where mothers are concerned. I'll be seeing mine this w/e & expect to have the Christmas Venue question put to me. We plan to be away without her, as it happens - my bro is already primed to ask her to join in with going to his ILs - she will huff & fuss & be snooty about the whole thing & might even stay at home by herself just to make some sort of "poor me" point. Sigh.

ENormaSnob Mon 31-Mar-14 17:46:36


bil is a bsstard

Thattimeofyearagain Mon 31-Mar-14 17:48:38

< faints at a Xmas thread in March>

NormHonal Mon 31-Mar-14 17:50:34

Will no one think of the sprouts?! Sprouts first, then sort out who is going where and when.

Mine have been on for two weeks already <smug>.

HowContraryMary Mon 31-Mar-14 17:50:44

Why is your BIL wanting your mother for xmas?

YABU to call your dog Joshy though

MammaTJ Mon 31-Mar-14 17:51:43

Is BIL planning on fattening her up ready?

Better hurry up, there isn't much time!

BabyDubsEverywhere Mon 31-Mar-14 17:53:12

I know this is supposed to be 'light hearted' but ffs cant you all just stop and think of those without BIL to moan about this Christmas and perhaps you should be thankful you have a 4am at all, let alone a sock!

selfish fuckers!


runningonwillpower Mon 31-Mar-14 17:55:29

I'd send Joshy over to BIL's on Christmas Eve.

MIL can enjoy the 4am slot and you can have a lie in.


KurriKurri Mon 31-Mar-14 17:56:32

Tell Joshy Christmas is on the 26th - he's a kid, they are easy to lie to.

RedorBlack Mon 31-Mar-14 17:57:11

BiL makesJoshy wait until 4am shock that's horrific, I think you should report him

StarGazeyPond Mon 31-Mar-14 17:59:12

I'd better get down the shops NOW or they will be sold out of turkeys before you know it !

IneedAwittierNickname Mon 31-Mar-14 18:02:00

I can't believe how behind you all are, my tree has been up since the weekend!

ReluctantCamper Mon 31-Mar-14 18:02:15

damn you palmerston, I was rubbing my thighs in anticipation of some properly bonkers family feuding. Back to patrolling AIBU.....

LordPalmerston Mon 31-Mar-14 19:16:37

lol at babydubs

Whereisegg Mon 31-Mar-14 19:22:03

Op, bil is clearly going to get her drunk and rewrite her will.

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