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To think if you are a TalkTalk customer in a fixed term contract you should give them a ring...

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K8Middleton Mon 31-Mar-14 13:28:15 say that you do not agree to the change in pricing due on 1st May 2014?

I have been a customer for a while. I negotiate a new contact every year/18 months depending on what we have agreed and have a very good deal. Last time was at the end of January 2014 and I got a very cheap deal for my phone and unlimited broadband (less than £2 per month) and a reduction on my line rental for paying a year in advance and agreeing to a 12 month contract. All good.

Today I got a letter through the post informing me that my package now comes "with TV included" and "free phone features and unlimited broadband" but my phone and broadband package will now be £8.50 a month.

I thought this was probably a mistake, but having had them try to wriggle out of a contract mid-term before I thought I'd better give them a ring. Apparently they are putting up the price, but it's ok because I can leave without penalty hmm Well no, actually that's not ok. We had a contract agreed only 2 months ago and I do not agree to the change in terms. I don't want their TV package either.

I got a load of guff about how would they make any money if they didn't increase prices? etc etc. I pointed out they are free to make changes to the contract at the end of the term, not during it or what is the point of a contract?

Any hoo, long story short I got my contract left alone. They agreed to apply a credit to my account after I explained that I would not consent to the change in the contract and that if they did make the change I would likely make a claim for breach of contract.

I suggest you also refuse the change if you have a current contract. Mine was just a small amount each month, but for some customers it will be a few pounds per month and up to 17 months. Multiply that by the huge numbers of customers affected and it is quite the con money maker.

Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer. I understand OFCOM have said price increases during the term are ok if customers can leave without penalty. However, the addition of the extra services plus a price rise suggests that this is not just a price rise but a fundamental change of the contract as agreed. I think it's worth a punt giving them a ring because you won't be worse off.

DoJo Mon 31-Mar-14 13:50:44

I would take the opportunity to leave without penalty - they are shit, their service is shit and I rue the day I ever took out a contract with them. Fortunately, they are allowing me to leave as they are unable to provide the service we are paying for, but the practices you have outlined in your OP do not surprise me one single jot!

Hegsy Mon 31-Mar-14 13:53:18

We left Virgin when they did similar, went to Sky, got a cheaper deali, cashback etc plus 'Game of thrones' grin

CSIJanner Mon 31-Mar-14 13:56:33

Thanks for the heads up K8 - have duly rung DF and have warned him. He's on the look out as my dear old dad "doesn't see the need in more channels. What's wrong with the 5 he's got!"

Bless him - he was devastated when teletext stopped. He'll catch up with us soon....

K8Middleton Mon 31-Mar-14 14:44:37

I can't get cheaper than £1.75 a month for phone and broadband and £115 for annual line rental or I'd be off!

Their actual phone and broadband service hasn't been worse than anyone else we'd been with. Although the customer service leaves something to be desired.

K8Middleton Mon 31-Mar-14 15:54:58

Oh the irony of the ad to the right...

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