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To wish Jamelia would piss off!!!!

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LittleDonkeyKong Mon 31-Mar-14 12:44:52

Every time I watch Loose Women and she's on I feel like sticking hot pokers in my eyes and chopping my ears off! She grates on me something chronic!

Pagwatch Mon 31-Mar-14 12:51:05


EyelinerQueen Mon 31-Mar-14 12:51:54

Yet you still keep on watching it?

Um. Ok.

Funnyfoot Mon 31-Mar-14 12:53:40

Pick up the remote.
Change channel.
Or turn it off.

No more Jamelia.

A lot less painful than sticking hot pokers in your eyes.grin

MistressDeeCee Mon 31-Mar-14 12:53:57

She's better than Carol 'did I tell you (about 5000 times) that I have a younger man?' McGiffin. & Denise 'Im soooo daring, special, hip, in love with myself' Welch. Then again the whole programme gives me the rage. I think its time it died a death now

LittleDonkeyKong Mon 31-Mar-14 12:54:01

I keep watching it because I like the other ladies and their POVs! I feel Jamelia is always bigging herself up and looks down on the other ladies particulary Nadia!

Cheesesticks Mon 31-Mar-14 13:29:18

I don't like her either smile

HappyAsEyeAm Mon 31-Mar-14 13:31:33

I only watch on my days off for Janet Street Porter. I like listening to her views. I ave no idea why Linda and Nadia started off the programme wearing the same shirt today though.

evertonmint Mon 31-Mar-14 13:32:35

YABU to watch Loose Women full stop grin

Melonade Mon 31-Mar-14 13:33:10

LOL MistressDeeCee pretty accurate summing up I would say!

HighlanderMam Mon 31-Mar-14 13:33:54

I feel the same when people use too many exclamation marks, or question marks. One is sufficient.

So for that YABU. Plus you don't have to watch Loose Women.

Funnyfoot Mon 31-Mar-14 13:34:53


thebody Mon 31-Mar-14 13:37:54

ok well my dd has actually pissed in her swimming pool!

she was 6 and it was before jamelia brought it. our friends lived there.

always gives me a secret kind of satisfaction.

notso Mon 31-Mar-14 13:46:13

YABU for watching Loose Women, what a load of shit.

Yonineedaminute Mon 31-Mar-14 13:49:06

YANBU - I used to quite like jamelia, but she comes across as thick and ignorant on Loose Women.

i wish all daytime tv except cbeebies would just fuck off. it's all shit.

expatinscotland Mon 31-Mar-14 13:56:01

YABU for even watching Loose Women. Gah, I wish they would piss off.

MistressDeeCee Tue 01-Apr-14 12:36:17

Linda Robson is on LW today. .now if she were on it weekly, I would watch it more often...! A down to earth straight talker, with a a a great deal of common sense; she's putting everyone else in the shade

citruslemon Tue 01-Apr-14 18:25:04

My DD attends the same school as Jamelia's DD so have seen her at events but she's always glued to her phone and ignoring people around her!

saintmerryweather Tue 01-Apr-14 18:35:27

Yabu for watching loose women but Jamelia normally comes across as thick as shit. I only like her on panel shows where comedians take the piss out of her

IDugUpADiamond Tue 01-Apr-14 18:53:00

YABU for liking the other women

ohmymimi Tue 01-Apr-14 18:56:18

You watch 'Loose Women'! shock

hollyisalovelyname Tue 01-Apr-14 19:02:19

She is on the panel of 'The Voice' (Ireland)
Very annoying woman

kerstina Tue 01-Apr-14 20:26:56

YANBU she seems a nice enough person but she does not seem intelligent at all so really resent having to listen to her rambling on about things she seems ignorant about. She had never heard of Tony Ben presumably knows nothing about politics.
She sends her children to private school and does seem a bit snobbish. Feel sorry for her daughter too as she does not let her travel anywhere on her own and I believe she is 14.
So glad Carol has been on the Wright stuff she is far better as a panelist and more knowledgable.

SarahAndFuck Tue 01-Apr-14 20:30:00

OP are you Tina Malone? grin

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