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To be pissed off...

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ineedsomeinspiration Sun 30-Mar-14 08:50:58

With the Estate agents.
Our house is stc as of Saturday before last. Other half has been away so we went on Thursday to view our top two house again. One of them has been on the Market a long time. It was on at Oreo £215000. As we were coming out of the house another couple turned up to view. This couple were also apparently very interested. I thought oh yeah of course, same estate agent we brought our house off before and they done the same the last time. Told us we better get an offer in quick if we were interested. We put an offer in of £215000, this was at about 4 o clock.They said the other couple had also put in an offer but didn't say if ours was higher or lower. Incidentally the other couple have just sold their house through them.

We received a phone call at around 5.30 to say the other couples offer was higher than ours and the vendor had gone with this one. I upped our offer to £217000. Estate agent said sorry but the other couples was "much" higher than this.

This was all on Thursday, popped in to see my estate agent today who the vendor was previously with. They had called her on the pretence of seeing how she was getting on, would she like to come back to them etc. anyways turns out the other offer was for £217200. So obviously much higher then our offer the lying ***.

We've upped our offer to £218500 but can go as high as £220000. I just think it might be pointless though as don't think they even out our original offers to the vendor. The Saturday staff who were I. Said they'd have to pass the offer to his manager to deal with on Monday as there was already on the table.

Feeling really grrrrrrrr.

Booboostoo Sun 30-Mar-14 09:04:30

As far as I know an estate agent is legally obliged to pass on all offers they receive to the vendor. They may indicate their private opinion that the offer is unlikely to be accepted but they can't refuse to pass it on.

I would complain directly to the estate agents and also write to the owners explaining what has happened. I am sure they would want to know there was a higher offer on the table!

Nomama Sun 30-Mar-14 10:40:24

In the UK??

Agents must pass on all offers. They do not get to pick and choose. I am sure the vendors would be furious to know this has happened, they wouldn't knowingly settle for a low offer.

Call again and speak to a manager, ensure that your offer is forwarded. They won't have exchanged contracts yet so there is time for them to consider your offer.

The Agent will have to deal with this quickly, they could, if anyone pushed, lose their reputation, which is all they really have to go on. The vendors may also choose to remove their house from their listing due to breach of contract. Push hard, you have noting to lose.

wowfudge Sun 30-Mar-14 11:03:29

You have my sympathy OP - unfortunately you ended up in a bidding war. The EA def should have passed your offer on. It is for the vendor to decide who to go with, if they accept an offer. If both prospective purchasers are in similar positions then I'd go with the first offer if both at the same level.

If you really want the house then up your offer and make it a condition that the house you want is taken off the market. However you may have to accept that it's just not meant to be with this one. With your house sold stc you are in a good position.

Annoying as it is - it seems no one likes EAs - you may have to work at the relationship more and ask whether any other viewings are booked, etc.

itsmeitscathy Sun 30-Mar-14 12:41:20

That sounds like a nightmare- I can't help but feel sealed bids is the way to go. I'm in Scotland and it just seems so much fairer.

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