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To wonder whether In the Night Garden has sublimial music only toddlers can hear?

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listsandbudgets Fri 28-Mar-14 18:54:43

I mean it. ds has just watched it in complete and utter rapture. Its finished. He is now lying on the floor wailing. This happens every time he watches it

So AIBU to think it has a magic element that can only be heard or seen by small people?

listsandbudgets Fri 28-Mar-14 18:55:55

^ sorry I mean small children

I used to wonder this about teletubbies when DS1 was a baby, it capture him and he giggled when the baby came on, he was just over a year old at the time and we discovered it by accident one morning when he was awake and we didn't want to get up.

Hobbes8 Fri 28-Mar-14 19:11:32

I took my son to the live show for his 2nd birthday. I wasn't sure whether he'd be able to sit quietly through an hour long show. He was entranced! You must be right - it's some kind of demon headmaster-esque witchcraft.

CrohnicallyChanging Fri 28-Mar-14 19:47:51

Another one here, Dd is 18 months and will sit and watch an entire show without moving. Then bedtime story comes on, the spell is broken and it's back to tantrums and tears again.

BuggarMeGently Fri 28-Mar-14 21:01:59

Yes, my name is little pidd-le...but I'm stinky when I do a smelly POOO-OOO! There y'go you can snigger when the song comes on!

I we have a habit of doing this in our house...changing random song words...

Another is:

Upsy daisy, change my bum
Tried for a pump, and I've done one
Also a stinky, smelly poo
Ipsy, upsy daisy do!!

ScarletLady02 Fri 28-Mar-14 21:27:45

My DD LOOOOOOOOOOVES ITNG. I find it quite relaxing to be honest, in fact I find all the bedtime hour quite relaxing, but that might just e because it's nearly bedtime when it's on grin

Abney & Teal is awesome....

But I mean....what the FUCK is Makka Pakka all about? And why does the scale etc change all the minute the Ninky Nonk is tiny...then next minute it's HUGE

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