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To think orgies shouldn't happen in....

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FunkyBarnYard Fri 28-Mar-14 16:43:22

My drains!

Just rescued three frogs from my drain!

AIBU to make DP scoop out not just the frogs but check for spawn too?!

MatureUniStudent Fri 28-Mar-14 16:46:12

Ducks are dreadful at that also - but I think that the female duck isn't always as keen as the drakes.

I'd leave the Spawn!

Mogz Fri 28-Mar-14 17:29:56

Mature you're right, in duck culture, mostly mallards iirc, it's more like gang rape. Real classy those ducks hmm
Funky were they males and females? You can tell because males are fa smaller. If they'd been there a while I'd check for spawn, have you got an empty fish bowl? Watching tadpoles hatch and grow is amazing.

ilikeyourface Fri 28-Mar-14 17:38:06

Well technically it takes 5 people for it to be an orgy , what you are describing is a froggy threesome.
[Grin] grin grin grin

poii Sat 29-Mar-14 15:56:01

Sorry but stopped going to orgies, because you don't know who to thank on the way out do you.

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