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AIBU about second hand toys

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drnoitall Fri 28-Mar-14 14:01:13

Yesterday I collected my dd from school, she was proudly carrying a second hand toy, a couple of her class friends ask her where she got it and she said "mummy got it from the boot sale". They repeated her words a few times and I began to feel arkward about her toys not being new and them possibly teasing her.
I should add, my dd is 7 so her friends probably didn't know what she meant, however I'm thinking ahead when they will, infact they may ask their parents anyway.
AIBU to not mention where they came from? I'm not bothered, but I don't want her to be teased. At the same time, I would also like her to understand why I don't always new toys, I'm undecided. What do you think?

drnoitall Fri 28-Mar-14 14:02:54

Missed the word * buy buy new toys - sorry

lessthanBeau Fri 28-Mar-14 14:06:55

most children I know love a good boot sale, its something to be proud of not ashamed. everyone loves a bargain, I personally feel more scornful of people who will pay out over the odds or full whack for something I know you can pick up on ebay or a boot sale. for example I tell everyone that I got my dds lelli kellys from ebay for £6 I would be ashamed to say I paid £55 for a pair of canvas boots that last 6 months!

HauntedNoddyCar Fri 28-Mar-14 14:07:36

I think you're worrying unnecessarily. Half our Brio is from boot sales. Lots of their toys are second hand. Leaves more money for other stuff and it isn't shameful at all. It's greener and sensible.

One kids trash is another kids treasure.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with getting second hand toys and no one should feel embarrassed about having second hand stuff.

When I was a kid jumble sales were everywhere and I used to love going and buying a load of crap.

growingolddicustingly Fri 28-Mar-14 14:12:19

No shame in second hand or pre-loved. You are doing the planet good by recycling.

lessthanBeau Fri 28-Mar-14 14:15:03

ahhh betty, jumble sales! I loved them! you never see them nowadays it was the highlight of the weekend , 20p to go and buy crap at the jumblegrin

OddFodd Fri 28-Mar-14 14:16:38

Why are you worrying about it? DS's toys are a mix of bootsale stuff, new, charity shop, school fair etc. I always buy playmobil second hand. There's no shame in it at all and I can't imagine why your DD would be teased confused

I used to do my Christmas shopping when I was a kid from Jumble Sales. I bet my relatives were waiting with baited breath to see the latest gem I bought them :D

Bloodyholly Fri 28-Mar-14 14:28:45

Me too Betty, in fact some of my best memories of my nan are of the Christmas Bazarr in the church next to where she lived. I loved routing through the tables full of jewellery and nik-naks. Equally my DS is happy to spend ages at the after school fairs trying to persuade my to buy him McDonalds toys.

Mefisto Fri 28-Mar-14 14:31:55

We get loads of toys 2nd hand; both hand-me-downs from friends with older children and from charity shops/sales. My DCs love a good rummage around a tabletop sale. You could emphasise the environmental aspects of re-using unwanted stuff if you want to give them some kudos?

flipchart Fri 28-Mar-14 14:35:20

I think you are over thinking it!

Nocomet Fri 28-Mar-14 14:46:25

DD1s special bedtime bear came from the school tombola, he's extra special to her because she's given him a new home.

londonrach Fri 28-Mar-14 14:51:03

Only a couple of things are new for my sisters two, everything else is charity shop, boot sale or hand me downs. It's greener. I remember as a child loving buying stuff from boot sales. Friends the same. You over thinking it.

drnoitall Fri 28-Mar-14 18:28:27

Thanks for your replies, I'm not ashamed at all, but in the past when mums have talked about toys or latest fad it's always new, or so they say, and some will even make it obvious it's beneath them to buy second hand. Quite literally turning up their noses, I then feel arkward, although as somebody said early, they should feel arkward for wasting their money.
Not much to worry over I'll agree, I just wondered what others thought.

BackforGood Fri 28-Mar-14 18:42:52

Agree with everyone else - I inwardly judge people who pay far more for things than they need to - each to their own I suppose, but you needn't worry about your dd, sounds like you are bringing her up to know the value of money.

When I take my now teens shopping, they always want to head for the charity shops first, as they know they can get 4 or 5 times as many items for the money I've got, and will only buy new if we really can't find something elsewhere.

figgieroll Fri 28-Mar-14 18:48:05

If someone told me they'd got a toy from the boot sale I'd be impressed that you didn't pay full price

Mintymoomoo Fri 28-Mar-14 19:04:01

Car boot sales are great over the past few years I have done a few, usually 2 or 3 in the summer when weather picks up and I actually make a fortune sold all my old baby things, kids clothes, toys etc! And I used to do with my sister so would always tske it in turns to wander around and pick up bargains to take home!

This year I plan to do a few, to have a good clear out as I moved recently and redecorating do have plenty of house bits to get rid off and I'm going to take my girls along with me (10,9,6) and we are going to have a big clear out of there things to to make way for the new baby

listsandbudgets Sat 29-Mar-14 09:31:32

Nothing ot worry about.

We could afford to buy all new toys but we don't. DD's idea of a treat is going to an area with plenty of charity shops with a £5 note and seeing what she can find. We've got everything from duplo to dressing up stuff and its nearly all second hadn

Mrswellyboot Sat 29-Mar-14 09:36:02

Maybe they were teasing ? People do judge

Even at seven, some children are materialistic. My sister in law is snobby about stuff lie this and her children are already talking about labels of their boots, the fancy shops etc.

I earn twice as much as her (don't care) and have bought my baby lots of charity shop toys. They are nearly new. Money for cancer. Green-less waste and one particular toy is no longer in stock in mothercare and its his favourite

But I tell people - no. It's sad, but they are so snooty

AwfulMaureen Sat 29-Mar-14 09:38:45

My DC go to a school with a high proportion of professional and well off parents. They ALL speak of buying things from charity shops...I meet them at times in there!

My sister's children attend a school in an area with high unemployment and lots of the children's parents are on that area, such a thing would be a thing to be ashamed of. It's ridiculous but the difference is being ABLE to buy new and HAVING to buy second child in my niece's school would admit to second hand.

AskBasil Sat 29-Mar-14 09:38:46

I've never known children to tease other children about where their toys come from. hmm

They just don't care, especially at 7.

I think instead of not mentioning where the toys come from, you give your DD very clear values on this.

Notcontent Sat 29-Mar-14 09:47:11

Please don't worry about it. All our things are a mix of new and second hand, even though I don't have to buy second hand things - but I choose to, and dd loves to pick stuff out in our local charity shop. It's something to be proud of!!!!

missingmumxox Sat 29-Mar-14 09:49:34

Everything for my dts was second hand from birth until 5 appart from pram/stroller, mattresses and car seats and the odd Christmas/ birthday presents
Now they get pocket money which they tend to buy new stuff, biut not adversed to second hand, this years Christmas present shared was second hand Xbox 360
It means we can indulge money on holiday (uk) and other things.

We are a high income family I chose this route as I am abit Eco and have always start looking for what I need second hand then if I can't get it, buy new I also sell on/charity shop old stuff.

It saves on packaging as well as landfill, cost of manufacture and transport it is a logical choice.

Just remember if no one brought new our pickings would be thin grin

Funny dt2 just came through with 3 Amy's (dr who) asking if he can sell one... Has walked off apologising to the one he wants to sell!

MegaClutterSlut Sat 29-Mar-14 11:19:06

I think your over worrying tbh. My dd 7 loves the bootsales and regulary takes the toys into school for show and tell. She has never been teased about it so far but then I doubt most 7 yro care that much tbh

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