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to ask how to help friend with his school issue

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bella411 Thu 27-Mar-14 11:43:57

Her yr 7 ds has aspergers which causes him to have behavioural difficulties as well as other difficulties.

Hospital messed up his meds and so her ds had a "bad" week at school. Since meds have been sorted he has had a " good" week. School trip is tomorrow and school has just informed her that her son can't go on the trip due to the previous weeks behaviour and they will tell him so at the end of the school.

Imo the school/teachers have decided he wasn't going on the trip a while ago and so should have told him previously. Though obviously there is the whole issue of the school being discrimatory in respect to him and his sen.

missmapp Thu 27-Mar-14 11:48:31

Did her son know that the trip was dependent on his behaviour?

If not, it is unfair and , as you say, probably discrimatory. If they had already warned him, it still seems unfair if his behaviour had improved with correct meds, but would probably be harder to complain.

bella411 Thu 27-Mar-14 11:52:29

The school were aware of the meds issue and I agree if school has said behaviour was dependent on trip for them to stop him (not sure if this is the case).

However, they knew last week he wasn't going so shouldn't be now just telling him and his mum he can't, when he is excited and prepared on going on a trip.

WilsonFrickett Thu 27-Mar-14 11:59:22

I agree, this sounds unfair and discriminatory.

He can't be excluded from a curricular activity on the basis of his SN - they have to make adjustments. So if you think this was a done deal ages ago, then it needs to be challenged. She should see the head and be talking about the disability discrimination act, accessing the curriculum, etc etc.

If he has been genuinely excluded due to his behaviour that's less clear-cut - however, I can't see any school excluding a 7 yo for something that happened two weeks ago. It's just too long away to be effective, iyswim. Which either means they're trying to exclude by the back door, or that they have a crap behaviour/discipline policy.

Either way, she should be in to see the head this afternoon.

Sunnymeg Thu 27-Mar-14 12:20:41

She needs to get on the phone to the SENCO and Head of Year ASAP to find out why he has been excluded from the trip. It could be that his behaviour goes directly against school policy, IE he may have inadvertently destroyed property whilst having a meltdown. When she says school were aware of the problem with medication, who was aware of this? and were the details communicated to all the necessary staff? Have their been any other sanctions for his behaviour or is it just being banned from the trip? Are school saying they don't have the necessary staff/expertise to handle him on the trip if a problem occurs. If it is the latter then I would be raising the roof!

Ds12 has Aspergers and school always send a support worker who observes DS from a distance and steps in if their is a problem.

Sunnymeg Thu 27-Mar-14 12:21:34

Whoops their and there Auto correct grrrr

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