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MinnieMouse5678 Wed 26-Mar-14 18:53:07

Had quite a bad leak last week from under our bath, a lot of water (the equivalent of several bucketfuls) poured through down into the hallway cracking several of the polystyrene ceiling tiles open and then drenched our cream carpet.

Insurance company was informed the following morning, but cannot visit until a week later.

We have a big gap where the ceiling tiles have separated. The tiles are no longer compliant with fire safety regs so am confident they will be torn out and ceiling tidied up rather than repaired.

WIBU to expect the carpet to be replaced? It is still very damp, though not drenched like a few days ago. There is a brown water mark stain, which could possibly be rug doctored off, but it smells very musty as ceiling dust/dirt came down with the water.

Will they insist we try cleaning it?

Never claimed for anything before on insurance, but feel it is there to be used in these circumstances!

A week will have passed since the incident by the time damage inspectors visit.


AuditAngel Wed 26-Mar-14 18:56:35

Are they actually going to visit? We had a leak in our roof in the storms earlier in the year. We are still struggling to get builders quotes for repairs (although not currently leaking) and insurer haven't mentioned visiting to inspect.

MinnieMouse5678 Wed 26-Mar-14 19:01:04

Yeah we have two inspection visits booked, this week and next week x

mrsleomcgary Wed 26-Mar-14 19:33:10

I used to work for a building company who did the repairs for a number of major home insurance companies so plenty of experience in this.

It depends on who your provider is,if you have accidental damage cover then the carpet will be covered under that, if not it really depends on the instance co, some will cover it anyway, some will only cover the cost of cleaning, others will insist on having it cleaned but if still stained will then replace it. If the carpet covers more than one room (for example the hall and into the living room) and there is a break such as a door jam they will most likly only cover the room where you had the leak and not the rest.

In the meantime try and find your proof of purchase for the carpet (assuming you have it). The surveyor should inspect the carpet and determine how much a square meter you will be allowed for a new one, if the surveyor says your carpet only worth £10 a square meter but you know you paid £20 for example without the proof of purchase they won't give you more than £10 a square meter.

Hope that helps,feel free to DM me of you want anymore advice (though I've not been in that job for years and insurance companies change what they'll cover about every two days lol).

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