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I'm not unreasonable, but this is neither journalism nor reporting on "research" but just plain sexist bullshit?

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WidowWadman Wed 26-Mar-14 18:25:24

"If being a mother was a paid job, it would come with a salary of £100,000 per year, according to new research." the article starts off.

Nope, not "research", not "new", but lifted from some boring soppy chain email which has been doing the rounds since ca 2001.

No, cooking your own fecking meal isn't the same as being a chef. Giving your child a dose of calpol is as similar to being a nurse as boiling the kettle to do yourself a lemsip.

Also, are all these mothers referenced in the tosh single, or where's the fathers doing their share of the laundry, nose (and arse) wiping, school runs etc?

This is patronising sexist and un-original bullshit. Is really someone getting paid for stealing someone else's twaddle and passing it off as their own?

Nomama Wed 26-Mar-14 18:27:07

I suspect you are absolutely spot on smile

StarGazeyPond Wed 26-Mar-14 18:29:11

Someone owes me a lotta money, then grin

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