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AIBU to wish nursery would change their menu?

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Jamjars22 Wed 26-Mar-14 06:30:54

My DS (2.5) loves his nursery and so do I. But his eating habits have become atrocious since he started. He was never the best eater but with being strict and consistent I had him eating and enjoying a wide variety of things. When he was at his CM I did breakfast and dinner and packed lunch.

On our first day at The nursery they told me they give cake, custard/ice cream and jelly for pudding and they can have as much as they like. (not mentioned when signing up etc). It since turns out at 'snack' around 4.30 they have cake as well.

I don't consider myself massively strict about food. We eat some sweet stuff at home but only homemade and mostly v low sugar or with honey/agave etc.

Now my son eats almost nothing. At lunch only eats his pudding and sometimes half a portion of main course (rarely any veg) and mostly refuses dinner. The problem is two fold, because he has the 4.30 cake he isn't hungry for supper but that isn't enough to see him through til morning and he wakes early begging for breakfast. But what I'm most concerned about is all te sugar he is eating both because I think it is bad for him (he also now sleeps terribly and is very crotchety when e comes home) and because it means he isn't interested in other foods at all. He constantly just asks for cake.

Why do they feel the need to serve so much cake?

What should I do? I feel like I can't have him be the only one at nursery banned from cake etc. I really do think it is a problem though.

Sirzy Wed 26-Mar-14 06:35:06

That does sound excessive. Tbh I would talk to the nursery manager about it.

When DS was at nursery they didn't have a pudding and the snack was normally something like crumpets with cake only if it was someone's birthday or they had been baking

SS3J Wed 26-Mar-14 06:35:13

I would not be impressed with that either! I can't imagine you are the only parent who feels that way. When I have worked at nurseries lots of children have not been allowed sugary puddings and get fruit or yoghurt instead. Have you spoken to the nursery about it? Don't they have to follow healthy eating guidelines? It sounds really bad to be giving the children that much cake every day.

Jinty64 Wed 26-Mar-14 06:35:55

I would ask for him to be given a very small portion of whatever after his lunch and send a snack for him at 4:30. Tell the nursery manager that you are unhappy with the amount of sweet stuff he is being given and perhaps they will re look at this policy.

Minnieisthedevilmouse Wed 26-Mar-14 06:37:32

Our nursery is nutritionally balanced. I keep an eye on the offerings too.

You are paying for a service if they use phrases like that call them on it. Is he in f/t? Then def important. You may ultimately need to source a new one. Food for me gave me a strong indication of how they ran the place.

Jamjars22 Wed 26-Mar-14 06:54:37

They seem to think they are really
Good on food. Made quite a fuss about how healthy they are when I was looking round. It is essentially council run (but still very expensive!) so they have some sort of state guidelines to Follow. I just can't understand why it is the standard to feed such small people so much sugar. Interestingly though all my friends without children think I am being ridiculous.

AIBU to think that this amount of sugar might be affecting his mood and sleep?

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