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AIBU to believe the force at which...

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sashh Wed 26-Mar-14 07:03:08

Manly, for pissing like a mule?

Aren't mules sterile?

psynl Wed 26-Mar-14 03:22:51

power is nothing without control

psynl Wed 26-Mar-14 03:20:38

power is nothing without control


NoodleOodle Wed 26-Mar-14 02:56:55

ha ha ha, funniest aibu thread

tulipsaredelicious Wed 26-Mar-14 01:41:37


hadn't looked at it like that before

I will LTB.

CorusKate Wed 26-Mar-14 01:35:13

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

tulipsaredelicious Wed 26-Mar-14 01:02:33

In which case, isn't he so much more the man?

pinkyredrose Wed 26-Mar-14 00:58:52

Can't say that's what I think makes a man a man. Could be that he's been holding it in if he's got that much force.

tulipsaredelicious Wed 26-Mar-14 00:57:56

Clarification: pissing like a male mule.

It's ok though. It was some time ago. I'm over it now less drunk

UncleT Wed 26-Mar-14 00:30:38

Manly, for pissing like a mule? Meh, whatever. It's all in the ear of the listener I guess.

tulipsaredelicious Wed 26-Mar-14 00:27:49

my dp's pee hits the toilet makes me think he is 'extra manly'? grin

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