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4 journeys to get a prescription done?

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upset234 Tue 25-Mar-14 21:20:29

I am in pain since last Friday.
I went to gp on Monday. Because it is one of the meds I used before they told me it is ok to leave a note of meds name and my name and it would be done by lunch time today.
I went there today lunch time, I was told prescriptions not ready prescriptions usually take 48 hrs but in my case as I was told to come by lunch time today they would do it after 4pm today.
I went there today after 4pm and guess what half of prescription was not done.
and I've been told 'that's all they could do'.
am I being unreasonable to be upset and angry about this?
now I have to go again tomorrow. It will be total 4 journeys to gp.
and in addition to this I will have an uncomfortable night.

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