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... to have quite a thing for...

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cupofcake Mon 24-Mar-14 16:38:08

Vin Diesel?
What's happening? Am I having a midlife crisis?

ThatBloodyWoman Mon 24-Mar-14 16:40:47

Stand him up against a row of 20 men his age, and he'd do pretty well surely.

It's not a mid life crisis.
There's no crisis about it.

sonlypuppyfat Mon 24-Mar-14 16:43:19

I would!

RiverTam Mon 24-Mar-14 16:48:59

this Vin Diesel? Well, he's a bit pumped up for me, but why not, eh?

ThatBloodyWoman Mon 24-Mar-14 16:56:31


HoneyDragon Mon 24-Mar-14 16:57:24

Nope. I'd rather like to.

foofooyeah Mon 24-Mar-14 16:58:18

A bit booby!

HoneyDragon Mon 24-Mar-14 16:59:55

The final nail in the coffin for me was him with his kids on the Tonight show.
As he's aged he's managed to nicely straddle the divide between phwoar and cute very well.

TheBody Mon 24-Mar-14 17:03:07

yes very nice. thank you op. grin

StepAwayFromTheEcclesCakes Mon 24-Mar-14 17:07:51

pass him over when you have finished smile

Ploppy16 Mon 24-Mar-14 17:10:03

I have that pic on my pinterest board!! Yes, very defintely YANBU, big muscles don't usually do it for me but I so would with him!

waceystills Mon 24-Mar-14 17:12:39

His voice does it for me.

That and the flying head but grin

BrunoBrookesDinedAlone Mon 24-Mar-14 17:12:56

Eww, Moobius Maximus.

fromparistoberlin73 Mon 24-Mar-14 17:13:39

i am friend with him on facebook. I dont know why either, go for it OP

BuzzardBird Mon 24-Mar-14 17:15:00

I will let you know when he leaves mine. I don't mind sharing wink

Scornedwoman67 Mon 24-Mar-14 17:16:09

I would grin

ThatBloodyWoman Mon 24-Mar-14 17:19:11

I'd turn him away first time he came begging.

Treat 'em mean, keep 'em keen.

cupofcake Mon 24-Mar-14 19:05:37

Exactly Bruno but there's something?!?
fromparis, I find myself jealous confused

WitchWay Mon 24-Mar-14 19:08:03

Chest not hairy enough for me.

rabbitlady Mon 24-Mar-14 20:51:47

not for me. i wouldn't kick jason statham out of bed, though.

IslaValargeone Mon 24-Mar-14 20:54:47

It's the voice.
Makes me come over all unnecessary.

NinetyNinePercentTroll Mon 24-Mar-14 20:56:45

Yuck. That musclemarymeathead look does most for me.

Finola1step Mon 24-Mar-14 20:58:22

Nope, he's not for me. But I do understand your alarm. I still have a thing for Bruce Willis! But only "Die Hard" Bruce Willis.

bochead Mon 24-Mar-14 21:01:41

sorry can't shake my fascination with Jean Reno - now there's a bit of crumpet worthy of a mid-life crisiswink.

Vin Diesel's appeal is completely lost on me - sorry but I'll rule myself out of the running.

NinetyNinePercentTroll Mon 24-Mar-14 21:04:55

I meant nowt not most. Stupid effing autocorrect

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