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To be feeling broody?

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Odaat Sun 23-Mar-14 18:07:10

I feel a bit guilty that I am when dd is only 1. My family say I should enjoy her and wait a few years. I do enjoy her! Infact I adore her so much : I yearn to have that feeling again and again and again!

Sometimes I do think maybe it is too soon? Not actually ttc yet - i mean is it too soon just to want one this year at some point and feel broody.

People just seem so negative about havin another soon, not with me- just in general terms :/ it is making me question my judgment...

BlackholesAndRevelations Sun 23-Mar-14 18:10:43

I was pregnant with dc2 on dc1's first birthday. 20 month age gap. 2 years gap between 2 and 3. What does your partner think? Because quite frankly, his and your opinions are the only ones that actually matter! If you both want it, go for it!

Trooperslane Sun 23-Mar-14 18:10:46

I have a seven month old. I was broody at a play group last week when i saw a 5 week old.

I was also broody when my friend had a baby when my dd was 9 weeks old.


I am ancient though. It depends of you're young enough to wait a while. I'm absolutely not. And also how close you want them.

Wanting another doesn't mean you don't love no1

Trooperslane Sun 23-Mar-14 18:11:22


ICanSeeTheSun Sun 23-Mar-14 18:11:40

If you and your partner/husband wants another baby it's nothing to do with any one else.

natwebb79 Sun 23-Mar-14 18:19:21

My aunt went into labour on my cousin's first birthday so the siblings are exactly a year apart and, now in their mid 30s, are the closest siblings I know. if anything I guess the oldest knew no different. My DS will be 2 3/4 when DS2 is born and I'm not looking forward to the intial problems with DS1 feeling put out. Go for it smile

Odaat Sun 23-Mar-14 19:09:57

Dh would like one later on year smile

vroomvroommum Sun 23-Mar-14 19:22:50

There's 14 month between DH and BIL, apparently worked well till teenage years. Then hell!! Still no love lost, but a quiet calm? so the cousins can enjoy a relationship.

BuntyCollocks Sun 23-Mar-14 20:15:26

I have almost an exactly 23 month age gap (ds born 31/1/11, dd 29/12/12), and I am terribly broody. DH is pretty sure he doesn't want any more.

It's normal, I think. If dh is good, go for it.

chesterberry Sun 23-Mar-14 20:36:13

There's 17 months between me and my sister and we've always been close. I don't think there's anything wrong with a small age-gap.

Artandco Sun 23-Mar-14 20:38:54

A year between mine. I was broody when ds1 was weeks old. Always wanted two children close. Wasn't broody after ds2 though

joybee Sun 23-Mar-14 20:45:36

It's your life and if you want another and dp is in agreement I say go for it. Lots of ppl have small age gaps and manage just fine.

Lambzig Sun 23-Mar-14 20:53:02

DD was three weeks old when I knew I wanted to do it again ASAP. Due to c-section, I knew I had to wait a year and it actually took 2.5 years before DS was born as we need IVF and one failed, but I totally understand that feeling.

A work colleague's wife had a first at the same time as me, then had her second when her DD was 10 months, then her third when the second was 11 months. That would take some stamina.

If DH and you both want it, go for it. You won't stop enjoying your first and watching them play together is a delight.

Odaat Mon 24-Mar-14 10:02:57

Thanks smile dh wants to try end of summer. So only a few months away!
Does anyone else feel swayed by families opinion? Or do I have some co/dependency issues going in!?

Creamycoolerwithcream Mon 24-Mar-14 11:09:15

I have a 21 month gap between DS2 and DS3 and it's really nice. Lots of people have a 2 year ish gap, do what's right for your little unit not what wider family advise.

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