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to have told exH he's being irresponsible regarding his baby?

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PuffyPigeon Sun 23-Mar-14 14:20:12

ExH and I have been separated since our 7 yr old dd was born. He now has a newborn and when he returned dd today he showed me a photo of dd and baby sleeping in bed together. Dd has a bunk bed, sleeps on top bunk, usually pulls covers over her head in her sleep and sleepwalks/has night terrors occasionally where she thrashes about. I said to exH: 'you didn't leave baby there did you?' he said yes, til he woke for a feed a few hours later. I said I thought he was incredibly irresponsible - what if dd had rolled him out/pulled covers over his head/squashed him? He said it's his son, his decision. I said dd would never forgive herself if she'd accidentally hurt him and he just shrugged, told me to keep my nose out of his business and left. Aibu to have said my piece?

Dd later said she didn't fall asleep with baby there so it must've been engineered for a cute photo but to leave him there is so dangerous imo.

TwittyMcTwitterson Sun 23-Mar-14 14:26:29

Depends on how you said it. I would have said it too so I don't think so but I would expect a similar reply to the one he gave. YANBU

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