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Feeling very U but don't want to BU over exH visiting DD

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HidingBehindTheDustbins Sun 23-Mar-14 01:12:32

I am awake battling with a breastpump. I am staying with DD because she needs me to express for dear GS as she has hypoplasia and by amazing coincidence we have babies almost the same age.

I am feeling a bit grumpy.

exH (I really should have got over it by now it is years and years ago) and highly successful thin brainy wife and son will be visiting DD & partner tomorrow to meet their new baby. I am very fat, frumpy, not successful and have huge bags under my eyes from trying to feed one and a half babies. I am not getting enough milk so I think I'll have to increase the pumping. Grump grump.

I don't want to hang about trying to be polite and feeling like a failure. (Naturally I was the injured party all those years ago). Also they have the temerity to be seriously rich. How very dare they.

WIBU to find something else to do after church tomorrow, portable pump in hand, and arrive back at DDs just before or just after they leave?

BTW tb wife is nice and does a very admirable well paid job. I just want to hide and feel sorry for myself.

(Please don't out me if you recognise any of this)

TobyLerone Sun 23-Mar-14 01:21:56

You're amazing, and you're doing a brilliant thing for your DD and her DS flowers

YWNBU to hide for a bit, though you shouldn't have to.

HidingBehindTheDustbins Sun 23-Mar-14 01:26:00

Oh thank you. It seems so ridiculous to let this old rubbish get under my skin when the important thing is the babies are both thriving now after some wobbly moments.

I want to hide with dignity grin

NeedsAsockamnesty Sun 23-Mar-14 01:32:48

I greatly admire your ability to put your daughters needs before your own and not intrude on a precious moment for her with her dad wink

AnnieMaybe Sun 23-Mar-14 01:54:30

so do you also have a young baby?

Honestly don't give them another minute of your time

you have a new life and I'm guessing a new man (father of your baby) so try and let all the old stuff go

NurseyWursey Sun 23-Mar-14 02:22:02

You're fab! And you must have a brilliant relationship with your daughter, which is something your Ex and his thin brainy wife can't beat nor take away.

Sod them, if you want to get away then do so. Have some time to yourself, some fresh air then go back.

You have nothing to feel insecure about, although it's understandable. Try and put it behind you (easier said than done I know..)

HidingBehindTheDustbins Sun 23-Mar-14 05:21:07

Ha! You have all made me feel much better smile

I will enjoy a pleasant walk with my darling baby MN grip in hand flowers

TobyLerone Sun 23-Mar-14 08:48:18

Have a lovely day. I think you're great flowers

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