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to ask what you can do if youve invented something but have no money to do anything about it?

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fruitandbarley Sat 22-Mar-14 21:32:37

I have thought of a really good idea, but am on maternity leave and have no savings.

To be fair even when I'm back at work there won't be much spare cash.

Short of going on dragons den is there anything I can do?

TheIncredibleBookEatingManchot Sat 22-Mar-14 21:39:00

Maybe a loan?

Go into business with someone who has money?

FudgefaceMcZ Sat 22-Mar-14 21:39:29

Local government often have enterprise funding type things, also look round any universities or colleges nearby and they might have workshops where funding and things would be discussed. I think job centre also has some sort of enterprise loan funding or something like but not sure how you qualify. and things but not sure how you check if they are legit.

MyNameIsKenAdams Sat 22-Mar-14 21:43:30

I am in the same boat. I have an idea, have spoken to a few friends about its viability and other than that am just......stumped.

PhallicGiraffe Sat 22-Mar-14 21:45:41

fruitandbarley Sat 22-Mar-14 21:49:56

Thanks. I suppose getting a loan would be the only way, although I'm very reluctant to do that, can't really afford it.

Maybe need to do a bit more research into developing it, or whatever I'm supposed to do next.

WorraLiberty Sat 22-Mar-14 21:51:25

Just be very careful that someone doesn't con you into thinking they can help, and then steal your idea.

fruitandbarley Sat 22-Mar-14 21:57:27

Thanks worra, am already bit worried about that so being careful.
I did once hear something, although it was a long time ago, about posting your idea to yourself registered post but not opening it, so if you ever needed to you could prove it was your idea. Hmm, or maybe I dreampt that.

WorraLiberty Sat 22-Mar-14 22:01:45

No I remember hearing about that too and something to do with a wax seal?

I'm not sure if it was just one of those things you hear though.

StarGazeyPond Sat 22-Mar-14 22:31:43

Been there. Done that. Need a fortune just for the Patent!

Dragons Den want it patented, sales figures, project forecasts, and definite store orders before they will even entertain it.

It's a bummer. But don't get sucked in by companies who say they will do it all for you for a share.

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