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to expect weekends to be easier

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TheWiseOldElf Sat 22-Mar-14 11:55:10

I'm on mat leave and have DD1 (18 months) and DD2 (2 months) with me full time. On weekday mornings I manage to get the three of us up, fed, dressed and out to various activities (aided by a cup of tea in bed from DH before it kicks off and some Peppa Pig watching - I'm not claiming to be supermum!) with fairly minimal stress/tantrums. I usually even manage to do my hair and make up!

I obviously look forward to our family time at the weekends and DH totally pulls his weight around the house and with looking after the kids BUT the mornings are SOOOO difficult. This morning DH decided that DD1 should have a treat Saturday breakfast of Nutella on toast. Cue huge amounts of mess, Nutella in hair etc and a massive tantrum from DD when I tried to clean her up. And it all spiralled out of control from there. We managed to make it out of the house, all of us stressed up to the eyeballs and both girls cried on and off until we brought them home for naps which, after 45 mins of persuasion, they are finally having.

It was the same last weekend when DD1 tantrumed all over a sift play party because she was so exhausted after the effort of simply getting up in the morning!

Why is it harder with 2 pairs of hands rather than 1? Does anyone else find this or is it just me?!

Mrsantithetic Sat 22-Mar-14 11:58:41

I find this sometimes. Dp works mon to fri leave at 630 back at 8. Sometimes catches dd 18 mo if she is up early enough or still up at 8.

I think it's because you have your own ways and routines then they come along and start throwing things into the mix. I am starting to say to myself "it's fine no better no worse than your way just different" because he really needs to have his time with her without me rolling my eyes but it does drive me mad wink I just try to let it go and enjoy our family time.

MyNameIsKenAdams Sat 22-Mar-14 11:59:24

Oh god I remember this from Mat Leave too. Now I work most weekends so that makes it easier grin

It was easier if theres just one parent in charge, I find, so take one of the mornings to have a lie in and dh tale the other one. Then one of you is doing the hands on stuff and once the lier inner is up and dressed they can step in while the early riser goes off and gets ready. Dont aim to get out til lunchtime.

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