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To want them all to sort themselves out

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Pleasejustgo Sat 22-Mar-14 10:15:35

DD rolling around the floor pretending she has broken her knee (absolute drama queen) other DD screaming no no nooooo at her dad. I'm downstairs gnashing my teeth at the chaos upstairs but ignoring it as I'm at the moment BFing the baby having been up all night (every night while he snores his head off) once again.

DD with fake broken knee is deliberating winding everyone up like she usually does and I'm waiting for the eruption between them.

He is currently stamping about in suppressed rage which he refuses to admit.

My demands for more coffee were met with a sullen look too.

I'm too pissed off with him for other reasons to help him with them or be nice to him. I do 99% if childcare which was never the agreement btw but it is what it is for now.

I have the rage a little gringrin

I'm a bad person to some degree.

Mouthfulofquiz Sat 22-Mar-14 10:17:32

I don't think you are a bad person at all! I can understand the frustration here totally :-) YANBU.

Pleasejustgo Sat 22-Mar-14 10:19:52

What should I do. Can I just leave? Are they all mad? I feel like I'm mad!

I may go and join DD in her minis rams and also rolling around the floor making a baby banshee sound. My god it's like nails in a blackboard.

Pleasejustgo Sat 22-Mar-14 10:20:12

Drama not rams.

bellasuewow Sat 22-Mar-14 19:10:26

This sounds really awful and frustrating you must be knackered op sounds like you need some child care help and some serious discussion around help in the house.

Pleasejustgo Sat 22-Mar-14 19:50:15

I know! It's shocking and they are all behaving like untamed animals.

They're all in bed now actually and his lord and master is now in the kitchen making dinner. I don't cook you see but that's neither here nor there.

I'm on strike starting today. I've announced this too. Utterly disgusted with them all. Vile vile creatures.

missymayhemsmum Sat 22-Mar-14 20:31:12

Oh eck, one of those days. Anyone else have the fantasy about just walking out of the door and carrying on walking?
So he got the horrors to bed and is now making dinner? Don't knock it while you've got it.
You sound resentful and sleep deprived op, hope tomorrow is a better day

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