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To take my baby to A&E tonight?

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MrsSeanBean1 Thu 20-Mar-14 20:53:32

I have a 3 week old DS. He was breastfed for about 10 days but lost a massive amount of weight despite me having gallons of milk. I saw many lactation consultants and breastfeeding specialists who could not really explain it. He latched on well, appeared to be drinking but never seemed satisfied. A few suggested it was too much foremilk. He even lost weight drinking huge bottles of expressed milk every 2 hours. I tried everything but had to put him on formula to stop him being admitted to hospital due to the weightloss. Since starting formula he has gaine weight and seemed more satisfied. However, he has had explosive poos, very mucusy poos, stomach pains and rumbles, snuffling/phlemy after bottle and has been spitting up quite a lot. However today he has added projectile vomiting to the list. It seems as if every bottle has come straight back. I am so worried he will get dehydrated.

I am suspecting a milk allergy or intolerance. I have something along those lines (although never been diagnosed) as full fat milk gives me cramps, sickness, upset tum, phlem although I can eat dairy and skimmed milk.

My 2 year old DD had similar. Very poor weight gain, similar symptoms etc. but noone would take me seriously and dismissed me as a neurotic first time mum. I struggled on for a year with about 10 clothes changes a day, sitting her up for hours after feeds etc. Now, if she has full fat milk she is uncomfortable and has a rattle in her chest. She is fine on semi skimmed and dairy.

I am at the end of my tether tonight. I can't take another feed with him being so violently sick he chokes. I am seriously considering taking him to A&E and crying for someone to please help me as I can't go through all this worry again.

MistletoeBUTNOwine Thu 20-Mar-14 20:55:08

If your baby is poorly and you are worried, go to A&E.
YANBU thanks

Sparklingbrook Thu 20-Mar-14 20:55:45

Take him to A&E, ask them to check him for Pyeloric Stenosis. DS2 had this. If he does, it's ok though, It can be sorted. x

Forgettable Thu 20-Mar-14 20:55:56

Yes A and E

Or are you still under the care of the midwifves (some area discharge to HV at 28 days) if so ring the maternity unit

purplebaubles Thu 20-Mar-14 20:56:13

I would personally. He's still only very little. Have you got someone to look after your DD?

LittleprincessinGOLDrocks Thu 20-Mar-14 20:56:54

I would take baby to see a Dr if he was projectile vomiting. That alone is worth a Dr checking out.

Sparklingbrook Thu 20-Mar-14 20:57:27

Are you getting wet nappies?

AlpacaLypse Thu 20-Mar-14 20:57:42


Yes, A&E. This isn't right.


TheBody Thu 20-Mar-14 20:57:54

of course op go if you are worried. they will see a small baby quickly.

headlesslambrini Thu 20-Mar-14 20:58:02

I'd ring OOH for advice. Have a bag ready just in case and ring friend / family as you sound exhausted. GP / HV in morning if you don't go to A&E.

BornFreeButinChains Thu 20-Mar-14 20:58:03

At three weeks old, without a doubt. Good luck hope he is OK....

Supercosy Thu 20-Mar-14 20:58:04

Go and see them. I think you have more than enough reason to do so. I hope you get some help. Take care. x

TheBody Thu 20-Mar-14 20:58:09

of course op go if you are worried. they will see a small baby quickly.

candycoatedwaterdrops Thu 20-Mar-14 20:58:16

Take him, A&E would rather see a tiny baby than not.

TheNightIsDark Thu 20-Mar-14 20:58:24

What sparkling said. It's more common in boys and causes projectile vomiting.

MrsSeanBean1 Thu 20-Mar-14 20:58:39

We have been discharged to HV. My husband is here and can look after DD. I'm just worried i'll be dismissed as neurotic again

BornFreeButinChains Thu 20-Mar-14 20:58:49

dont waste your time on 111! sit through endless list of totally useless questions, just go straight there.

Sparklingbrook Thu 20-Mar-14 20:59:34

DS2's soft spot was sunken and also there were specks of blood in the vomit.

Just take him, x

BornFreeButinChains Thu 20-Mar-14 20:59:58

Who cares if you are?

at three weeks old your allowed to be bloody neurotic its your job as a mother and mothers instincts...if you feel like you should take him trust your instincts not some wanker who was probably having a bad day and made you feel bad!

MrsSeanBean1 Thu 20-Mar-14 21:00:10

Am getting wet nappies and about 6 yellow quite runny mucosy poos a day. Very windy and explosive

Sparklingbrook Thu 20-Mar-14 21:01:35

Honestly MrsSB, just go. We did the NHS Direct thing and the ringing back, and they told us to go in after all that anyway. x

LEMmingaround Thu 20-Mar-14 21:01:46

A very lovely GP once said to me "if mum (me) is worried, then so am i" when i was apologising for taking my DD to see him for the third time in one day. She had norovirus and couldnt keep anything down - she was older than your baby, about 6 months iirc but he reassured me and she picked up. If you are worried, then go with your gut - it may well get the ball rolling for some tests. flowers

BornFreeButinChains Thu 20-Mar-14 21:02:13

Just take, him take him now and you can be in and out before midnight hopefully, otherwise you will simply be here worrying then probably get too tired and worry all night.

LEMmingaround Thu 20-Mar-14 21:02:49

Yeah, bugger the NHS direct, you'll wait hours, just go now before it gets too late (of a night, not too late to help!).

JennyBendy Thu 20-Mar-14 21:03:58

You poor thing! CMPI/reflux is the absolute pits. You could try a&e but I'd be tempted to try and ring ahead and ask if there's a paeds consultant on shift tonight and what your chances are of him/her reviewing your baby. I don't think you need to add to your stress only to find that there's no one experienced in neonatal gastro stuff on duty, and be fobbed off with "just colic" etc.

Then tomorrow, find out which paed cons in your area has an interest in gastrology and whether they see private patients. Their NHS secretary will be able to tell you. You're looking at about £130 for an appointment. Phone the clinic where they see privately and make an appointment ASAP. Then ring your surgery, explain you need a referral letter faxing/sending because you want a private appointment and off you go.

It sounds like a faff and a lot of money but by getting this dealt with ASAP you're saving yourself and your family a world of pain and stress.

PM me if I can be of any more use. x

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