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Eyelashes on cars are ridiculous.

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MardyBra Wed 19-Mar-14 23:09:57


ElBombero Wed 19-Mar-14 23:10:37


MardyBra Wed 19-Mar-14 23:10:48

Especially if accompanied by a "powered by fairy dust" sticker.

EatShitDerek Wed 19-Mar-14 23:12:35

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MardyBra Wed 19-Mar-14 23:17:18

Haven't seen the stick people.

snoggle Wed 19-Mar-14 23:17:39

YANBU. Especially if there's a Princess On Board. I don't get car decor at all.

Nocomet Wed 19-Mar-14 23:17:42

You have no sense of fun.

I'd love some eyelashes on my car, but I have a butch black car that would look like some kind of gone wrong drag queen.

peppersaunt Wed 19-Mar-14 23:17:46

Nothing screams late 50-something like eyelashes on a car (particularly a Mini)

MardyBra Wed 19-Mar-14 23:20:12

grin at peppersaunt. I'd seen it as more of twenty something.

nocomet I'm not sure about the ironic goth eyelashes. It's a bit like ironic gnomes in a garden. It could backfire.

Catsmamma Wed 19-Mar-14 23:23:44

I intend to buy some for Duchess Blanche.

snoggle Wed 19-Mar-14 23:24:15

I've seen misguided folk of all ages with them. Always on hatchbacks though. Saloon or estate drivers don't seem to be too fussed on them.

bettergetamoveon Wed 19-Mar-14 23:24:47

They always make me smile. Don't care if they're cheesy or whatever, when one drives by it brightens up my day a little bit.

MardyBra Wed 19-Mar-14 23:26:49

I suppose I'd rather see eyelashes than a personalised numberplate. Eyelashes are an attempt at humour, I suppose, although they do smack of "I'm mad, me". The numberplates are just attention seeking like this thread.

MardyBra Wed 19-Mar-14 23:28:36

Shit. I've just seen Tiggy's thread in active convos. I am yesterday's news.

And his thread is far more interesting.

BlackeyedSusan Wed 19-Mar-14 23:29:18

all I think is that they ruin the aerodynamics and cost extra petrol and they look daft

MardyBra Wed 19-Mar-14 23:39:55

You never get eyelashes on a serious car. Only on "kooky" cars, like beetles. Anyway, this thread is crap and Tiggy's is much better.

EatShitDerek Wed 19-Mar-14 23:40:49

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Nocomet Wed 19-Mar-14 23:53:28

You need a car that is 'cute' to start with.
My estates too broad shouldered and butch.

Jolleigh Thu 20-Mar-14 00:33:46

The eye lashes are indeed ridiculous. However, threatening DH with the promise of attaching a set to our car provides me endless amusement grin

WeShouldOpenABar Thu 20-Mar-14 00:37:09

Have you seen them after a strong wind, like a hooker on a walk of shame after a particularly bad night, I find myself imagining lipstick kinda like when Marge Simpson had the makeup gun

serant Thu 20-Mar-14 00:38:50

yanbu. ah but I like the family, not seen those...

AngryFeet Thu 20-Mar-14 00:39:03

Better than these

MardyBra Thu 20-Mar-14 15:37:19

Luckily I've never noticed the family stickers Derek.

shock at the car bollocks AngryFeet. Maybe we should have a MN car cunt.

TruffleOil Thu 20-Mar-14 15:38:06

They are so odd! I'm so glad you started a thread about it.

bonesarecoralmade Thu 20-Mar-14 15:40:09

IT's really hard to imagine someone going to Halford's, picking them up, queueing with them, paying for them, taking them out, taking them home, cutting open the packaging, and fitting them, and standing back and taking a look, without at some point thinking "this is really not that funny, is it?"

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