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to think our media should refuse to televise or report on matches at Qatar 2022

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AgaPanthers Wed 19-Mar-14 18:50:25

ITUC report on Qatar:

Some quotes:

"I signed up in Manila to be a waitress. However, our company forced some of us to work two shifts, first working as cleaners in schools all morning, from 6:00 am -12:00 pm, and then working in hotels in food service and housekeeping from 3:00 pm -12:00 am in some of the
most luxurious hotels in Doha. The company driver picked us up at 1am.
We got so little sleep. We worked 26 days a month, all but Fridays, and even then our manager would yell at us to work on our one day off.

After being in Qatar for five years, I would like to take my annual leave and go back home for a short visit. The company practice is that the manager demands a deposit payment of US$ 275 – an amount which I cannot afford in addition to the price of the ticket."

"Site safety is the worst I have encountered in 30 years in construction. The welfare facilities are the worst I have ever encountered in and out of construction.
Numerous accidents are not being reported. I complained and recorded everything which was falling on deaf ears. I reported safety concerns to an outside agent working with various government parties. I also reported this to the head of H&S, who said he would take it up.
There was a night shift, and the night shift were sleeping on site so that they didn’t have to go to camps. The site stank of urine constantly; the work was being done from unsafe scaffolding. I went on site one morning at 5:00 am and there was blood everywhere. I don’t know what happened, but it was covered up with no report. When I reported this, I was told that if I didn’t stop complaining, I would be dismissed."

"Aini [pictured] worked in a Qatari house where she was beaten senseless for two years, her body and face a map of torture. She was rescued by a courageous driver and a generous expat working in Qatar who took her to the hospital where even seasoned medical staff were
reduced to tears. Multiple operations including head surgery gave her a fighting chance, but her employer is yet to be punished."

It will be 50C in Qatar at the time of the World Cup, lethally hot.

For reference, there were zero fatalities during the construction of the London Olympics.

Several civilized countries had more compelling bids than Qatar, which is grassless and has no hope of ever becoming a footballing nation - including Australia and the USA, but the mountain of bribes and corruption to FIFA officials by Qatar has led to this human rights disaster.

AIBU to think that if this is to go ahead, at least it is a chance for those of us living in countries with basic workers and other human rights to show our disgust, by refusing to attend or report on the football?

JoanRanger Wed 19-Mar-14 18:53:23

I wish. They didn't let a little ole invasion of the Crimea stop the Paralympics. sad

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