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What has taking a selfi with no make up on got to do with cancer awareness??

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Cherryhd Wed 19-Mar-14 16:36:56

That's it really, on Facebook friends posting selfies without makeup. And this is going to raise awareness how? What is the point? Perhaps if they all donate to cancer research for each pic posted then fair enough.rant over

Joysmum Wed 19-Mar-14 16:45:39

I'm going to do a copy and paste from a post I made on one of the numerous threads on this topic today:

I started today thinking the same as you lot, I asked the question on my Facebook status and got a reply that made me realise I was wrong.

Many of us don't check our breasts on a regular basis. Many of us don't know how to. That's where the awareness comes in, it's not awareness of the existence of the disease, it's planting the thought that as individuals, we haven't checked ourselves in a while and ought to.

Those posting selfies without the message are missing the opportunity to make more of a difference. In posting a selfie with the message to check your breasts, along with the link to donate if you are able to, that's what gives the most impact.

However, I'm proof that even all those people who are posting selfies without the picture are spreading the message of 'awareness' too. Many people will just remain annoyed and dismissive, many others, like me, will think more deeply and find our own awareness without it needing to have been in those selfies.

This morning I was annoyed, this afternoon I've found out how and checked my breasts. I've urged all my Facebook friends to do the same and posted on the couple of forums I'm a member of so spread the word. Lastly, and least importantly, I've donated to breast cancer research (because I was financially able to).

So that's what the word 'awareness' related to. It's a prompt to learn how to check your breasts and then do it today! I hadn't for quite a while so it worked to raise my 'awareness'. I'd like think that I've raised the 'awareness' of many of the people reading this. CHECK YOUR BREASTS FOR ABNORMALITIES AND DO IT TODAY BEFORE LIFE GETS IN THE WAY.

Cherryhd Wed 19-Mar-14 16:49:08

Now if that was posted on the reasons why the pics are being done then yay, a real message but nobody doing that it's been so diluted nobody has a clue as to why the pics are being done and nominating others. Shame as there was a good reason behind the rationale.

paragirl1981 Wed 19-Mar-14 16:49:42

Apparently you do a selfie and donate to cancer research at the same time.
I have a lump in my breast, going to hospital to get it checked out on monday and I'm scared stiff.

Cherryhd Wed 19-Mar-14 16:53:17

Hope everything goes ok para. I had a scare some years ago in my late 20s thankfully all was fine, I hope the same is for you.

StabInTheDark Wed 19-Mar-14 16:58:21

On my facebook people are taking the selfie and then uploading it with a screenshot of their donation to cancer charities. My whole feed is buzzing with it. Anything that gets people talking about cancer and donating is a good idea in my book...

Handbagsatdawn Wed 19-Mar-14 17:08:00

Para good luck for Monday, chances are it will turn out to be nothing nasty and you'll be fine, but good you're getting it checked as that is the very best course of action.

I speak as someone coming to the end of treatment for breast cancer, so anything that raises awareness (and funds) is a very good thing IMHO.

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