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To ask you for a witty reply to my 'bare face selfie' on FB?

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therewearethen Wed 19-Mar-14 12:57:43

I'm still not entirely sure what it's all about but I've just been nominated. I fail to see how me taking my make up off for a pouty selfie is anything other than FB narcissism. Witty reply anyone?

Just don't bother....why would you?

HellomynameisIcklePickle Wed 19-Mar-14 13:00:12

It's giving me the rage

gordyslovesheep Wed 19-Mar-14 13:01:22

No idea ...but thanks for starting this thread as no one has discussed this issue yet

ShatnersBassoon Wed 19-Mar-14 13:01:49

Share a link to Cancer Research UK instead. It seems less pointless.

TantrumsAndBalloons Wed 19-Mar-14 13:02:31

I dont know about witty but this is what my dd wrote

"if you aren't aware of cancer by now then you should probably spend less time putting your male up on and more time in the real world. If you want to help- donate. If you want 100s of comments about how good you look with no make up, that's fine. But be honest about it. How many of you who posted a pic donated to cancer research?

MimiSunshine Wed 19-Mar-14 13:02:59

Donate £1 to the charity, take screen shot of said donation and upload with a nomination to 10 friends to all donate £1.
This would be a far better 'raising awareness' campaign that would actually benefit the charity than the "oh god look how horrible I look but have secretly taken 10 pictures and used filters on the final choice before uploading" selfies I've seen

TribbleWithoutATardis Wed 19-Mar-14 13:03:24

I was going to say the same as Shatner. A friend posted a picture of a donation text to cancer research and wrote that there was no way she was joining in, and that she'd put her time to better use.

CoffeeTea103 Wed 19-Mar-14 13:03:52

Tantrum love your dds response! Well said.

BeerHunter Wed 19-Mar-14 13:04:25

I'm too busy feeling my check for lumps

I'd rather make a useful contribution, here's a link instead so you can make a donation.

Oh just fuck off and do something worthwhile instead, like make a donation.

Instead of my beautiful face here a some of the symptoms of said cancer. Share this, it will probably do more good.

ifyourehoppyandyouknowit Wed 19-Mar-14 13:05:34

"I don't have time for a selfie, I'm too busy regularly checking my breasts and making an appointment for a routine smear."

PickleMobile Wed 19-Mar-14 13:05:56

I put a no make up picture on, I also put a picture of what to check your breasts for and I also put a screenshot of my donation message.

I'm happy I've done my bit and I hope it will make someone else check their breasts or make a donation.

Joysmum Wed 19-Mar-14 13:08:16

I wouldn't go with humour, I just opted a link to the just giving page for breast cancer research and urged everyone would did a selfie without a message to update it with the most important message being to check your breasts and to donate if possible. I reminded them not to miss the opportunity to pass on that is the real message, not the selfie wink

watchingout Wed 19-Mar-14 13:08:24

yy to Tantrums DD flowers

Joysmum Wed 19-Mar-14 13:09:42

Oh and whilst women know about breast cancer, many know the should check but don't or forgot, and many don't know what they are looking for.

WaitMonkey Wed 19-Mar-14 13:12:49

Tantrums, is your dd an adult ? She sounds incredibly sensible and mature. Well done her.

TantrumsAndBalloons Wed 19-Mar-14 13:18:24

She has just turned 16 wait so I suspect that she thinks she is an adult- I tend to disagree grin

RobotLover68 Wed 19-Mar-14 13:22:02

I don't have time for a selfie, I'm too busy regularly checking my breasts and making an appointment for a routine smear

add to this - and checking my stools for blood

EmpressOfJurisfiction Wed 19-Mar-14 13:25:45

It's Ovarian Cancer Awareness Week so I posted a link to that with a list of the early symptoms.

To be fair, the selfies campaign is working in a way, people are talking about how bollocks it is and posting much more useful stuff instead!

specialsubject Wed 19-Mar-14 13:26:26

ignore. Donate directly via the charity website. Don't text.

Bunnyjo Wed 19-Mar-14 13:26:29

My Facebook profile photo is actually a 'bare faced selfie' as I rarely wear make up. Instead of posting another selfie,I posted an image of Breast Cancer Campaign's signs and symptoms to watch out for and donated to CRUK and Breast Cancer Campaign.

I think the selfies campaign would work if people donated money to a cancer charity of their choice alongside it and/or raised awareness of the signs and symptoms of breast cancer. Otherwise, it's just pointless...

therewearethen Wed 19-Mar-14 13:26:30

Sorry should have checked for the 100 other threads any other threads on this!

I replied with something along the lines of, this is pointless and rather insulting to cancer suffers, I would prefer people make a donation to a cancer charity. I then linked to the one I have just donated to.

Wouldn't this 'campaign' gain more support if a donation was the main aim, I'm thinking "how much do you spend on nail varnish/face cream/ foundation etc, well donate that amount to a cancer charity" also here's how to check your breasts instead of taking photos of your own face?

AngelsWithSilverWings Wed 19-Mar-14 13:43:07

My friend just posted a picture of herself and a group of her friends all dressed up on a night out with full make up, hair extensions and fake tan etc with the comment "here I am all natural , doing my bit!"

That made me laugh.

I just posted that if anyone wants to see me make up free they are welcome to come and see me on the school run most mornings.

BillyBanter Wed 19-Mar-14 13:46:16

I think they do get donations off the back of it. You've just donated after all. It's not breast cancer awareness it's breast cancer research charity awareness with the aim of people giving money. It's a very cheap donor appeal.

FaceDirectionOfTravel Wed 19-Mar-14 20:34:51

I am staying out of it on FB but in my head I am thinking, 'Please come round at 7 am or 11 pm see me without makeup. Otherwise no dice.'

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