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To hate being addressed as Mr and Mrs (husband initial) surname!

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LittleMissGerardButlersMinion Wed 19-Mar-14 09:27:38

I have my own first name thank you!

Just mr and mrs surname is fine, or mr x and mrs a surname

I know its something certain generations probably do more than others, and it used to be the done thing, but I really don't like it!

I wouldn't say anything as I know its not done on purpose to annoy me, but noooooo!

treas Wed 19-Mar-14 09:38:01

Not this again!

EatDessertFirst Wed 19-Mar-14 09:58:20

I'm with treas on this one.


lostblonde86 Wed 19-Mar-14 10:04:20

Not another thread on this...

I'm in my 20's so not "one of those generations" but I married my husband for a reason and no way does it bother me! Get over it.

AuroraRoared Wed 19-Mar-14 10:05:39


ViviPru Wed 19-Mar-14 10:06:28

Have my first biscuit

iloveweetos Wed 19-Mar-14 10:06:32

Lol in with treas too! Dunno what the bloody issue is!!! He's your husband not some random bloke. Chill out.

ViviPru Wed 19-Mar-14 10:07:28

Would you mind if it was Mrs. G. Butler? Your username seems at odds with your grievance.

flipchart Wed 19-Mar-14 10:08:22

Same old ,same old.
These threads are coming round quicker than Monday mornings!

DidoTheDodo Wed 19-Mar-14 10:09:47

Groundhog day!

thatbitpink Wed 19-Mar-14 10:13:35

OP sorry you've picked a bad time to post this as it seems all the rude people are on MN at the moment.

LucyBabs Wed 19-Mar-14 10:17:25

You should not have taken your husbands surname.. then you wouldn't have this problem grin

Agree that all the grumps are out this morning!

LittleMissGerardButlersMinion Wed 19-Mar-14 10:23:31

Sorry I didn't realise I wasn't allowed an opinion grin

I haven't discussed it before, and I think it's probably not the only thing that has been discussed more than once.

Bowlersarm Wed 19-Mar-14 10:25:04

Another thread about it!

I can't see the problem myself. I like it.

kittymonkeymummy Wed 19-Mar-14 10:28:18

I Agree with LittleMissGerardButlersMinion

You have your own name and you are you and not your husband! It's like some mothers call themselves so-and-so's mum...?! Surely you're a "your name", not a "your child's name" mum.. lol
Don't worry, when someone says that, just smile politely and tell them your name ;)

flipchart Wed 19-Mar-14 10:29:08

Its discussed every couple of weeks though. You can't have missed them.
I think the last one was last week and that went round in circles as well, like all the others.

kittymonkeymummy Wed 19-Mar-14 10:30:08

it makes me smile when reading - you shouldn't have taken your husband's name - what???!! LOL
you take your husband's SURNAME, not first name, surely that's tight? :D

kittymonkeymummy Wed 19-Mar-14 10:30:20


Bowlersarm Wed 19-Mar-14 10:33:29

flipchart is right. They pop up frequently run on for pages with half ish the posters saying "you should never be addressed as yor husbands name, don't accept it from anyone" and the other half saying "why get married and change your name at all if you don't want to be addressed by it?"

And round and round in circles we go. There are no winners. Some people hate it, some people like or even love it.

I love it smile

thatbitpink Wed 19-Mar-14 10:49:31

I think the OP's point is that she is being referred to as Mr and Mrs <<Horace>> (for example) <<Husband's last name>>.

I haven't personally seen this for years but in my parents' days it was quite common. I would find it very weird to have received a letter like this and it IS different from taking your husband's surname. You don't take his first name too!

DidoTheDodo Wed 19-Mar-14 10:51:47

It is used because it is correct English. To be addressed and Mrs A Butler (if your name was Anne, for example) suggests you are divorced.
By all means use it if that's the impression you'd like to give.

ViviPru Wed 19-Mar-14 10:52:23

I haven't personally seen this for years

Me neither. Surely it's hardly something one encounters on a regular basis? Not enough to allow it to annoy you. That's why this elicits a big fat YAWN.

DoJo Wed 19-Mar-14 10:53:16

Another one who can't muster up the energy to get annoyed about this, but if it bothers you, tell people not to do it.

thatbitpink Wed 19-Mar-14 10:55:17

Ha ha, DidoTheDodo - your name is quite apt isn't it.

Viviennemary Wed 19-Mar-14 10:55:46

Not worth bothering about.

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