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To think some people need to lighten up!

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daisy0chain Tue 18-Mar-14 23:25:58

The makeup free selfie thing on FB.

Been on FB and seen a lot of comments saying 'what's the point, it won't cure breast cancer' etc etc.

Obviously it won't, it's about raising awareness. Ok so you might go in FB and see a bunch of girls with no make up but I see my entire news fees talking about breast cancer awareness.

It's amazing marketing for an amazing charity and best of all its free. It's coming up for the end of the financial year when a lot of people in companies are discussing which charity to support in the coming year.

I accept not everyone is up for having a pic of themselves minus the slap but it's a bit of fun to get people speaking about a good cause!

daisy0chain Tue 18-Mar-14 23:26:50

Ooh the typos are bad. Should have proof read blush

EthelredOnAGoodDay Tue 18-Mar-14 23:29:58

I think it would be better if when people posted they also pledged to give a small donation to a cancer charity, or made some other relevant pledge. I agree it's harmless, but if it just raises awareness and then people don't do anything with that awareness, it's a bit of a wasted opportunity isn't it?

whitepuddingsupper Tue 18-Mar-14 23:30:18

My feed is full of people leaving comments like "wow you still look great without makeup babe" and very few mentions of cancer and absolutely none of self checking breasts or any other body part.

Whatevertheweather Tue 18-Mar-14 23:32:56

I made a small donation and checked my breasts today - I wouldn't have done either of these things had it not been for my fb newsfeed. I'm sure I'm not the only one

Musicaltheatremum Tue 18-Mar-14 23:34:46

My daughter has just done this. But it's for all cancers. My husband ( her dad) died 2 years ago tomorrow of primary brain cancer which gets far too little funding

daisy0chain Tue 18-Mar-14 23:36:59

Oh see mine is filled with a lot of chat about doing something to raise money. It's always around March they do something FB related though so I bet it boosts the donations.

It especially will keep them at the forefront of people's minds for a few weeks and if people are doing something for charity or choosing charities to support it may just be marketing like this that swings it in their direction.

Overall I do think it's a good way to get the charity name being discussed although accept a lot will just do it for the 'you look great comments'

getmeoutofthismadhouse Tue 18-Mar-14 23:36:59

I added a comment for peeps to check their "boobies and balls" on my selfie smile

daisy0chain Tue 18-Mar-14 23:40:38

Is it all of mine are re breast cancer. Sorry for your loss. I agree so many get so little funding. I support oral cancer normally when it comes to cancer charities but I will be donating a little to breast cancer tomorrow too as today has made me acutely aware I haven't for a while.

softlysoftly Tue 18-Mar-14 23:40:44

HA didn't read this before posting mine.

Sorry but for me this joins the ranks of "click this picture if you want a cure for cancer"

So if I don't click I don't give a shit?

Breast cancer has massive awareness they need self checking / money, this does neither, just tells us wimmin not having makeup is soooo daring, after all its about looks right? That'll make the people with double mastectomies feel good.

So i'm going with YABU

daisy0chain Tue 18-Mar-14 23:45:43

Just saw yours too.

I entirely disagree but I think the OP makes that obvious smile

daisy0chain Tue 18-Mar-14 23:58:44

Getmeout I linked a page to self checking. I always think it's shocking how many people say they don't! Maybe because it runs in my family that it's something I do quite regularly.

daisy0chain Wed 19-Mar-14 11:14:52

Glad to see the boys now getting involved too and getting themselves all made up for a selfie.

The more it's posted about the more people that will think about donating to a cancer charity or organising some fundraising.

Even if it's only 1 person in every 500 (although hopefully a lot more) it will have served it's purpose surely.

squoosh Wed 19-Mar-14 11:21:08


Raising awareness my ass. Who isn't 'aware' of cancer for God's sake?Most people are also aware that things like the, yawn, makeup free selfies are just an excuse for people to indulge in further displays of facebook narcissism.

daisy0chain Wed 19-Mar-14 11:23:16

It's an opinion your entitled too. I've seen so many on my FB donating today. Without thisreminderthey might not have gotten round to it.

Joules68 Wed 19-Mar-14 11:25:29

I used the opportunity to say I can do more than raise awareness, we all can.... We can both raise awareness AND raise money by running race for life on <time/place>, who will do it with me??

I've got a team of girls now (4 so far)running with my other team .... And this was on my teen daughters status, so some good has actually come of this selfie thing

daisy0chain Wed 19-Mar-14 11:30:27

Absolutely, we're organising a group for the moonwalk.

Ginnytonic82 Wed 19-Mar-14 11:30:33

I think it might be better to post their logo or self check guide and make a donation. Are these pictures actually initiated by a cancer charity? The pictures in my fb have comments after them just saying how pretty people look with no make up. My dad died from bowel cancer and I feel more publicity about spotting the signs would be more helpful than lots of pictures of people without make up.

nannynewo Wed 19-Mar-14 11:33:02

I don't like this campaign (or whatever you call it) either. For most people, it is a way of getting likes and comments such as 'oh babe you look stunning without make up on.'
I bet most people who post these pictures will neither give money to charity, or check their breasts for lumps. I also hate how these people who are just doing it for likes then act as though you don't care about the cause because you don't join in. When in actual fact my own mother suffered from cancer. It was the worst year and half of our lives. I am regularly giving to charity and doing things for charity. Posting a picture with no make up DOES NOT cure cancer.
End of rant.

QueenofallIsee Wed 19-Mar-14 11:34:30

My FB page is full of bare faced selfies with the person having made a £5 donation to Cancer Research....also a few women fighting cancer, showing their scars and asking for each like to be accompanied by a donation.

I don't do the ridiculous 'cryptic' handbag/bra colour nonsense as I don't see the point but I think getting people donating is a good thing?

daisy0chain Wed 19-Mar-14 11:36:30

Yes, cancer charities roll out these "challenges" every year. Last year it was a "what fruit are you" and the year before I think it was bra colour.

It's marketing for them. Think about the pen's & leaflets that come through your door or even the adverts. It all costs money for the charity. This is something that takes little to no planning by the charity itself but spreads like wildfire through FB and this doesn't cost them a thing.

I agree and I did link a self check link to my selfie too. I can't see how anything advertising the charity can be bad.

Burren Wed 19-Mar-14 11:36:35

What squoosh said so succinctly.

Plus it plays on the idea that a woman going without make-up is somehow already doing something brave and selfless - because all self-respecting women should not venture out into the world without a minimum of concealer and mascara - rather than head-shaving for cancer fundraising in days of yore.

What I've seen of it just seems like a more generalised version of those 'make-up free celeb' photos in the kind of magazines that bang on about 'displaying your bikini body'. Cancer has got lost in the cascade of carefully-posed make-up-less selfies.

TantrumsAndBalloons Wed 19-Mar-14 11:37:36

My dd got nominated or whatever it is for this.

She wrote "if you aren't aware of cancer by now then you should probably spend less time putting your male up on and more time in the real world. If you want to help- donate. If you want 100s of comments about how good you look with no make up, that's fine. But be honest about it. How many of you who posted a pic donated to cancer research?

I doubt anyone will ask her again grin

Burren Wed 19-Mar-14 11:40:19

Sorry, mistyping in mine - I meant that going without make-up 'for cancer' seems to be seen as being brave and selfless, rather like headshaving for cancer fundraising in days of yore.

Tantrums, your DD's response was spot on.

Filimou Wed 19-Mar-14 11:41:26

Daisy Cancer charities do not start these challenges every year, they fall under random facebook "like if you hate cancer" crap. This year Cancer research have said thats while its nothing to do with them if people want to do it and donate then here is how.....

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