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Was I being unreasonable to shout at the drummer under the bridge?

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brismidnightdrummer Tue 18-Mar-14 23:09:41

NC'd as this is so weird it must be massively outing.

DS has been ill for the last week, has nasty cough and keeps waking himself up. Have been ill myself and desperate for him to stay settled so I can eat supper.

Sometimes cars stop outside with windows open and music blaring. So when I heard drumming (boom-tish-tish, bom-tish-tish), I thought it must be some inconsiderate driver and gave the evil eye to a couple of them.

Then I thought maybe it was a neighbour - but they have a baby, why would they be playing music at nearly eleven?

I peered out of the window, and just beyond the nearest railway bridge I caught a glint of something. Yes, it was a guy sitting behind a full drumset, set up on the pavement drumming away to his heart's content.

I stormed down the road in pyjamas and coat and am afraid I was a bit rude possibly a bit sweary to him when I pointed out it was ten to eleven at night and asked what he was doing.

To his credit he apologised for waking me up and said he would stop. I said thank you and came back home.

I realise this sounds terribly trollish (under a bridge and everything) but there really truly was a guy under the bridge with a full drumkit. I guess he maybe thought it would be a good place to practice, not realising how the sound would carry?

brismidnightdrummer Tue 18-Mar-14 23:13:05

I feel a bit embarrassed now as he was so nice about it. I could have been a bit more graceful about it and explained DS was ill rather than just flouncing off back to the house.

DP thinks I was silly and that it's all part of living in a city.

Menolly Wed 19-Mar-14 02:37:33

you maybe should of been a bit politer to him but yanbu to ask him to stop. did he explain why he was drumming under a bridge? I'm trying to imagine a situation where someone thinks 'ooh I'll carry my big, awkward to carry drum kit to under that bridge, that'll be fun.'

FernieB Wed 19-Mar-14 03:20:31

YANBU and as he apologised and was nice about it I'm sure he probably would agree. He clearly didn't think he would be making that much noise but it does seem an odd thing to do. Don't feel guilty about being hard on him - it was late etc. if you did upset him by your reaction to him (and it doesn't sound like you did) then he'll have a story to tell his friends about the mum in PJs who yelled at him - he could dine out on that for a while.

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