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To wonder where my daughter got the word 'astrophysicist' from...?

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EverythingsDozy Tue 18-Mar-14 19:58:18

Just that. I was sat on my couch with my 3 year old DD and she asked 'mummy, what does an astrophysicist do?'
Is there an episode of peppa pig I have missed?!
My mum and I just sat there amused whilst I thought of an answer. Was I right to reply that they are scientists who look at stars and space?
Astrophysicist?! Really?? Maybe a trip to Jodrell Bank is on the cards?

HappyHippyChick Tue 18-Mar-14 19:59:45

It was on Ben and Holly today - they were wondering where the stars go in the day.

JeanSeberg Tue 18-Mar-14 20:00:14

Maybe you could move onto the electro-magnetic spectrum and then some quantum mechanics as she's obviously a very bright girl!

EverythingsDozy Tue 18-Mar-14 20:00:29

Ahh okay!! Haha that makes a little more sense! grin

CalamitouslyWrong Tue 18-Mar-14 20:01:42

Has she been watching nina and the neurons?

EverythingsDozy Tue 18-Mar-14 20:05:12

No, no nina.
I did tell her that I shook an astrophysicists hand when I graduated but she had lost interest by then!

meditrina Tue 18-Mar-14 20:07:27

Someone has been letting her watch TBBT?

It's when she tells Grandpa that he's bat crap crazy that you need to start worrying.

EverythingsDozy Tue 18-Mar-14 20:13:52

And grandad is bat crap crazy! Although, I wouldn't appreciate those words!!

UterusUterusGhali Tue 18-Mar-14 20:15:44

My 5yo wants to be an "Astrofiddlesticks".

<<outs self>>

The Big Bang Theory!

TulipOHare Tue 18-Mar-14 21:24:54

DD came out with "echolocation" when she was two or three. I was confused . Turned out she'd got it from Cbeebies!

Sidge Tue 18-Mar-14 21:27:22

Ha! My DD3 announced in Reception that her favourite shape is an angular prism...

LangenFlugelHappleHoff Tue 18-Mar-14 21:29:02

I was going to say I bet you watch The Big Bang Theory!

ohtowinthelottery Tue 18-Mar-14 21:33:09

I remember the barber asking DS (age 5) what he wanted to be when he grew up. DS replied that he wanted to be a Palaeontologist. That stopped the conversation dead as I don't think she knew what one of those was grin

HopelessDei Tue 18-Mar-14 21:35:18

Same place my 3 year old got hypothesis?

LurcioLovesFrankie Tue 18-Mar-14 21:37:52

When DS was going through a really annoying phase of repeating everything I said because he thought it was really funny, I started saying "antidisestablishmentarianism" (not sure I've got enough Ss in that) which was fine till he eventually learned to say it too (important disclaimer: he has no idea what it means).

IceBeing Tue 18-Mar-14 21:43:26

I was slightly startled by a whole monologue on the topic of Weddell seals and how they cut through ice with special teeth from DD (2.5 yo) on the changing table today, before she announced that Kwazi had thought it was a sea monster and I finally realised it was an octonauts episode...

Catsmamma Tue 18-Mar-14 21:48:42

dd excelled herself at a HV assessment!

the HV share facilities with the midwives, the physio and the chiropodists, and we had recently attended as I had a frozen shoulder.

Now dd was always a chatter box, and this assessment was the one where the HN makes pleasant conversation and includes the child. I think it might have been the age three one??

I assuredly said..yes, very chatty, loves to sing, draw, stack stuff. No worries about anything, really interested in her brother's school stuff blah blah blah

DD sat there and scowled, not a bit of interaction...HV obviously does not believe a word I have said and says we should book a return appointment

At which point dd stands up, looks the woman up and down and says...."You are NOT the physiotherapist, I am not coming back here" And says to me..."is she going to fix your shoulder or not?"

The HV said "oh I see, really no speech worries then!"

...thanks for that dd! grin

EverythingsDozy Wed 19-Mar-14 07:11:18

Haha I love all these comments! Funny long words your kids say!
My DD knows what bioluminescent means! grin

CalamitouslyWrong Wed 19-Mar-14 09:51:30

They could probably show GCSE students octonauts and they'd learn more about marine biology than from anything in the syllabus.

EverythingsDozy Wed 19-Mar-14 09:52:32

Very true! I have recently signed up for netflix and we are enjoying the magic school bus which is quite educational! I love it!!

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