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To ask if any of you are thinking of buying the "AIBU' T-shirt?

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JesusInTheCabbageVan Tue 18-Mar-14 19:30:40

Advertised over there >>

Given the number of threads on here about how nobody lets on that they're on MN/have you ever been 'outed'/"Completely outing myself here...."

I cannot for the life of me picture a situation in which I would want to walk down the street wearing an AIBU t-shirt. What if another MNer sees me?

TheBody Tue 18-Mar-14 19:32:00

god I would!! but I would pick a poster with really sensible clever posts and say I was her. grin is that illegal?

NeedsAsockamnesty Tue 18-Mar-14 19:32:38

Unless you intend on putting your nn on it,they won't know who you are,just that you are

fryingpantoface Tue 18-Mar-14 19:34:42

I'd buy it, I'm open about using mumsnet, just not who i am on here

AllDirections Tue 18-Mar-14 20:12:49

What if another MNer sees me?

I would say hello and invite you for coffee OP.

You could either agree that a coffee is a good idea or just tell me that IABU grin

SackAndCrack Tue 18-Mar-14 20:24:25

Link pls? I cant see any tshirt ad....

Finola1step Tue 18-Mar-14 20:27:32

I think I could be tempted ... Linky?

JesusInTheCabbageVan Tue 18-Mar-14 20:43:58

Sorry, link here. I could stretch to a YABU mug though. Might plant it in work and see who uses it grin

Also like the Thesaurus Club t-shirt.

K8Middleton Tue 18-Mar-14 20:45:01

No of course I wouldn't wear one.

HighlanderMam Tue 18-Mar-14 20:48:31

For £19? Don't bloody think so!

I'd pay a tenner max. grin

Finola1step Tue 18-Mar-14 21:31:10

Nope. Would have to be a bit more subtle for me.

SamandCat Tue 18-Mar-14 21:34:09

I don't think i would admit to being a mner irl

Forgettable Tue 18-Mar-14 21:38:33


EeeIcouldCrushAGrape Tue 18-Mar-14 21:51:50

I think they're great, I might be tempted to wear one! smile
Nobody know my name on here, and I'm a frequent name changer so I don't get how it would out me or anything!
Although I really, really want one of those 'naice tea towels'.
If I had a small baby I'd be really tempted with one of those 'PFB on board' car stickers as well. grin

HighlanderMam Wed 19-Mar-14 16:25:04

I'd buy the 'if you can read this then YABU' car sticker. Put it in the back window for all those knobs who drive too close to the car in front.

quirrelquarrel Wed 19-Mar-14 16:39:30

Why has MN made everything so expensive?? I remember seeing the mug and thinking bloody hell, who the hell's going to pay that, and nearly £20 for a t shirt!

ProlificPenguin Wed 19-Mar-14 21:29:25

I really want a "PFB" tshirt for baby penguin.

Seminyak Wed 19-Mar-14 21:32:45

Can't see it :-/ I'd buy a set of the mugs though!! And keep them secret in my house so as to avoid outing myself to guests ha.

Bicnod Wed 19-Mar-14 21:51:01

I don't really wear t-shirts but quite fancy an AIBU mug.

Also quite taken with the there's nothing like a good meeting mug for work.

If you want it get it, everyone can tell you're a MNer anyway wink

Cuxibamba Wed 19-Mar-14 21:54:05

They don't ship to where I am sad

But I wouldn't. To most, I'd look stupid wearing a logo they wouldn't understand, surely?

I like the grammar police mug, though.

NeedsAsockamnesty Wed 19-Mar-14 21:58:32

I'm quite keen on the won't somebody think of the children one but I want it in blue

pointythings Wed 19-Mar-14 22:14:09

I'm actually tempted by the AIBU T-shirt, but for that money it needs to be outstanding quality and last forever. I'm open about being on MN, and if anyone came up to me I would not offer them coffee, I would offer them gin. In case any of them were the amazing MN-ers who set me on my ongoing journey of gin discovery. grin

GiveTwoSheets Wed 19-Mar-14 22:16:52

I would but not at that price, I'm of to look in my wardrobe for plain tshirt and marker pen

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