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To be angry with dh

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Odaat Tue 18-Mar-14 08:51:49

Sorry for posting again- i just love the help and honesty, the feedback of such a wide selection of women is fab smile
(Plus all my mates seem to be martyrs/ doormats to their dh's- or the complete opposite and dragons!!)
So- is i unreasonable to expect 3 lie ins a week. Dh is currently doing very easy work sat down all day 9-5 , e goes to be early with me and is up at 8 he has quick shower and tea (that I make him) then he's out the door. I get a lie on on a frid or sund generally i dont even sleep, but have learnt to lay and relax regardless. I get up about 8 and then get ready then watch dd while dh gets ready. Then i go do a couple i hours i work on those days he is off. It annoys me hat my lie is abruptly jolted to a holy as soon as i step out of bed to watch dd while he showers etc, but when its his lie in or his day to go to work I have to watch dd solely while he rushes about and shoots out the door. I would now like a day in week where I can sleep in till 8 (dd i up at 6 ) and then get up and watch dd while he gets ready for work and goes for 830. Is this unfair? I jut feel he i setting so much sleep 9-8am some nights! And i am often tired having to get up at 5 some days. Then my lie in / morning off is is often shared with helping with dd too while he gaffs about. I know this sounds petty but i alway have everyone saying how lucky i got it cos dh bathes dd and is generally more hands in than most dads . If everyone would see it is me that does the bulk of it and dh is just a typical bloke doing less i would feel better. I just alway have to hear how fab i got it by my dm and mil. Am I being unreasonable? Asking too much? Has tiredness got me petty ? When i confeonted him this morn for not getting up with dd at 545 am as I am had no sleep all night he called me a stupid bitch. :/

Odaat Tue 18-Mar-14 08:52:30

2 'lie ins'**

formerbabe Tue 18-Mar-14 08:53:53

How old is your dd?

Odaat Tue 18-Mar-14 08:54:49

Sorry if that is a tad unclear i am using phone to type and had no sleep :/

Odaat Tue 18-Mar-14 08:55:03


SylvanMuldoon Tue 18-Mar-14 08:55:21

If he called you a stupid bitch for asking for some fairness then lie ins are the least of your worries! No, YANBU and your H is being a twat! Does he normally speak to you like that?!

ScarletStar Tue 18-Mar-14 08:56:48

I'd be more worried about being called a stupid bitch. That's not okay, ever.

Odaat Tue 18-Mar-14 08:57:16

No we don't speak that way unless very very bad ba argument which is why I am so angry!

TheBody Tue 18-Mar-14 08:57:34

stupid bitch and you are worried about lie ins?

you have bigger conversations to have.

Odaat Tue 18-Mar-14 08:58:40

Yes I have told him i am not speaking to him until he learns to talk to me with respect, he doesn't usually

Pigletin Tue 18-Mar-14 08:59:36

Stupid bitch??? How do women end up procreating with men like this?

arethereanyleftatall Tue 18-Mar-14 09:01:10

My dh would never ever ever call me a stupid bitch. I would worry about that over petty arguments about lie ins .

Nennypops Tue 18-Mar-14 09:02:32

What sort of twat totally rejects a request for a couple of hours' help from his partner who has been up all night and calls her a stupid bitch?

Longdistance Tue 18-Mar-14 09:03:00

I'd be more worried about being called a stupid bitch tbh. He's sounds a catch.

arethereanyleftatall Tue 18-Mar-14 09:11:41

You don't ask for respect, you earn it.

Odaat Tue 18-Mar-14 09:18:15

I will deffo sort the language issue out!! It is a one off ladies !

MangoBiscuit Tue 18-Mar-14 09:26:52

I'm sorry but I don't understand the issue with the lie ins. I've read your OP 3 times but it's still not clear. How are the lie ins split at the moment? And how would you like them to be split?

As for the abusive language, really not ok! Glad to hear you'll be sorting it out, hope it's easily tackled. As a one off, I'd be expecting a grovelling apology.

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