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to think my neighbour is being incredibly unreasonable about our cat?

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Objection Mon 17-Mar-14 18:27:55

We've recently moved into a very tiny village, two doors down from my in - laws. (moved in December)
We have a dog and a cat. (no kids)
FIL said the other day that my cat was pissing off their neighbour.
Apparently neighbour is absolutely furious and the cat is causing all kinds of hell.
What hell, you ask?
Well, she sunbathes on his dustbin and sits up when he comes out in the morning to stare at him getting into his car.
Apparently the ragey shouting we hear most mornings is him screaming at the cat, who just looks at him whilst he does so.
FIL, I think, expected me to do something about the cat's "rudeness".

AIBU to think this is actually quite funny and neighbour is a little unhinged?

Optimist1 Mon 17-Mar-14 18:47:54

You need to have a very stern word with your wayward cat, OP!

Objection Mon 17-Mar-14 18:50:06

(The culprit)

Very excited to have pics on aibu

Objection Mon 17-Mar-14 18:50:29

parakeet - im afraid to say I laughed and then said (in extra serious voice) "that BITCH!"blush

crazynanna Mon 17-Mar-14 18:51:24

This is what I would teach her to do next to the neighbour

vestandknickers Mon 17-Mar-14 18:54:03


Onesleeptillwembley Mon 17-Mar-14 18:54:54

Can we play MN kitty bingo? Your cat sounds very entitled.

ScarletLady02 Mon 17-Mar-14 18:55:17

Pfffft...cats are never rude...they are quietly aloof.

Poppiesway Mon 17-Mar-14 18:58:07

How old is he? The neighbour?
My nan has been having issues with her neighbours as my nan likes to feed the birds.. Except she's been getting seagulls in her back garden.. And her elderly neighbour has complained.. As it's encouraging the seagulls to mess in his car... In the front garden..

Old elderly men....

SellyMevs Mon 17-Mar-14 18:59:00

My two cats are just as rude then! They purposefully sit on my windowsill in the bedroom staring into next doors garden... resulting in both my neighbour and her yappy dog taking offence!

I think everyone who has an unhinged neighbour should invest in a rude cat. wink

ScarletLady02 Mon 17-Mar-14 18:59:14

This is my boy...I luff him, he's still only a kitten

TheBody Mon 17-Mar-14 19:00:06

your fil sounds as unhinged as the neighbour op.

go round and warn him that you have a camera attached to your cat and any bad behaviour shown to the said cat will result in immediate and swift retribution.

sorry to add you need to don a giant cat suit to do it.

then purr and hiss loudly as you leave. keep him guessing.

ScarletLady02 Mon 17-Mar-14 19:05:23

Or...hide IN the dustbin dressed as a giant cat and jump out as he goes to get in is car grin

Tanith Mon 17-Mar-14 19:06:32

Ah! Reminds me of one of my cats sitting in the middle of the road, leisurely washing his nether regions while the man in the car waiting to get past raged, beeped and swore at him grin

I suppose at least he did wait for my cat to finish and didn't just flatten him as he threatened to do.

Pimpf Mon 17-Mar-14 19:09:52

What a loon!

Objection Mon 17-Mar-14 19:11:31

Neighbour is perhaps mid forties...

LOVE the cat suit idea

MooseBeTimeForSpring Mon 17-Mar-14 19:11:54

Did you mean to be so rude?

Supercalafraga Mon 17-Mar-14 19:16:35

Pure genius!

Bit hmm as to what your fil thinks you should do about it....

Whathaveiforgottentoday Mon 17-Mar-14 19:19:07

Love this. Your neighbours are bonkers

Leonas Mon 17-Mar-14 19:23:21

My neighbour told me today that she was outside at 1am shouting at my cat to get down from her roof as he was galloping about up there, keeping her awake. He had also dug up numerous plants of hers over the winter, but she finds him amusing (thankfully!). If we could stop him being a hooligan we would, but other than keeping him in there is nothing we can do! Cats are a law unto themselves

PunkrockerGirl Mon 17-Mar-14 19:25:09

Love this thread grin Cat power!

Puzzledandpissedoff Mon 17-Mar-14 19:25:53

Beautiful cats, Objection and Scarletlady ... I've always fancied a tabby/tortie type, but ours is just a boring black and white

She's developed a great technique with next doors' huge dog, though; she sits on our low front wall, just this side of their driveway gate and stares out their mutt who, knowing he can't ever quite reach her, goes insane!!!

MrsBennetsEldest Mon 17-Mar-14 19:28:02

Your cat knows something. The neighbour knows the cat knows. The incriminating evidence is in the bin.

I think the neighbour has a Tena Lady Pants fetish and the cat has witnessed this through the window.

TheBody Mon 17-Mar-14 19:32:36

these cats are ace. I love cats and can't just can't understand anyone who doesn't.

I mean how can you not

DwellsUndertheSink Mon 17-Mar-14 19:33:20

Tell your neighbour that the cat is FOREIGN and cannot understand him, so could he shout a bit slower.....

CaptainHammer Mon 17-Mar-14 19:49:11

Hahaha! Seriously?! Madness!

Loving the idea of getting a tshirt with his face on for the cat to wear, please do this and film his reaction ;)

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