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To think this mother is taking the proverbial?

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adsy Mon 17-Mar-14 17:05:16

on a childcare site

About Me

Dedicated Mother of 3 and business professional requiring domestic support my working week can be anything from 9am – 17:30 or on occasions 20:00pm. Essentially supports within in these hours are crucial, along with household support so I am able to have quality time outside of work with the kids.
Personally we are a fun, loving family who enjoy having a laugh and good fun.

My Requirements

Registered Childminder Live In Nanny
Live Out Nanny After School Nanny
Au Pair

Hours Required
Monday – Fridays 14: 30 /15:00 – 19:30
Saturdays 10: 00 – 15:00 pm (possible evenings/ night childcare services)
Sundays (occasional) possibly evenings/ nights childcare services
Most school holidays the ideal candidate will not be required to work, however when required to do so the childcare service will be needed on a full-time basis.
1. Childcare services
2. Preparing evening meals and Afro-Caribbean cuisines
3. Laundry – washing and ironing
4. General maintenance of the house keeping the house clean and tidy at all times
5. Weekly spring clean of entire 4/5 bedroom house
- Modern en-suite accommodation (for free)
- Evening meal inclusive
- Weekly rate of £45 per week

- Natural home-maker
- Enhanced CRB certificate
- Food hygiene certificate
- Childcare qualification
- Ofsted Registered
- Minimum of 2 years Childcare experience
- Good time management skills

Really? £45 per week. is that acceptable?!!

usualsuspectt Mon 17-Mar-14 17:20:42

Yes, message her.

fideline Mon 17-Mar-14 17:21:01

It might be the woman who posted on here, who was very keen to emphasis the 'free water' she provided as a perk for her 'nanny'

notapizzaeater Mon 17-Mar-14 17:21:42

Really ? Wonder if she's wondering why she's not got many applicants

fideline Mon 17-Mar-14 17:21:51

oops sorry, screen froze

fideline Mon 17-Mar-14 17:22:11


Bornin1984 Mon 17-Mar-14 17:22:36

Oooooooh i remember free water-gate!!!

adsy Mon 17-Mar-14 17:25:50

OK, sent her this

HI Antoinette.
I think you have made a typo as you have put £45 for the week and you might wonder why you get no replies!!

let's see if she replies.
Surely must be a mistake but if it's the same woman as last time that was the genuine wage!

Nanny0gg Mon 17-Mar-14 17:29:24

So she wants a full-time nanny, a full time housekeeper/cook/cleaner and possible chauffer depending on the children's needs?

With being on-call at possible short notice by the look of it.

She's 'avin a larf...

ThePinkOcelot Mon 17-Mar-14 17:44:31

That is a bloody ridiculous. Stick a brush up your arse and sweep the floor as you go along!!

bootsycollins Mon 17-Mar-14 17:49:48

I've never said this but shamelessly marking my place grin

PedantMarina Mon 17-Mar-14 17:52:21

Yeah, I want to see what happens....

Cat98 Mon 17-Mar-14 17:53:21

Me too bootsy. Bloody hell! How cheeky.

Bornin1984 Mon 17-Mar-14 17:53:59

Should we apply? Im in the north west

HemlockStarglimmer Mon 17-Mar-14 17:54:17

She wants a 'mother's help' or possibly a housekeeper who just happens to be a qualified nanny.

And I really hope £45 per week is a typo!

adsy Mon 17-Mar-14 17:55:50

No reply yet.
While we're waiting, tell me about you worst paid / crappy jobs

bloob Mon 17-Mar-14 17:56:04

It's very low, but it does say not required in the holidays but I assume the pay / board etc continues? Which means its not as bad...

Could be clutching at straws here!!

Bornin1984 Mon 17-Mar-14 17:57:32

Could u imagine ...... Free water and evening meal...... Does that mean ur so busy u won't have time for breakast or lunch

JohnnyBarthes Mon 17-Mar-14 17:57:58

I was paid a similar sum as an au pair, although for fewer hours and I had no qualifications.

To be fair this was in 1991

Callani Mon 17-Mar-14 17:58:10

Let us know what she says OP!

fryingpantoface Mon 17-Mar-14 17:58:14

It's a very low wage for all that work. I reckon she's going to reply that it's the right amount

JohnnyBarthes Mon 17-Mar-14 18:00:35

Oh and the family I worked for's neighbours thought Madame was taking the piss. TWENTY THREE YEARS AGO!

expatinscotland Mon 17-Mar-14 18:00:39

Below min wage. Should be illegal.

ONE meal?! And you have another £45/week to feed yourself, excluding clothing and transport should you want to go anywhere.

Electryone Mon 17-Mar-14 18:02:26

I to think shes going to reply all shocked "of course thats the wage I mean".

Pheonixisrising Mon 17-Mar-14 18:03:44

this should be interesting ......................

NunsArePeopleTooDougal Mon 17-Mar-14 18:09:36

So thirty hours a week for £45, that's £1.50 an hour. Even with the board and one (one!) meal, that's still about £5 below minimum wage. I'm not sure how she can justify that, but she'll probably try to...

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