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aibu relatives visiting from abroad?

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pinkblue21 Mon 17-Mar-14 14:10:43

My relative lives in Europe, her Dad was British so she visits the UK every year to keep up with her roots. She used to visit different relatives each time bit since I have had two babies I seem to be her favourite destination. She tries to be considerate and always suggests staying in a B and B and having take-aways but this really upsets my hubby - his culture says you must personally look after your guests 110%. She always plans months in advance and we are very last minute people so I can never just say we are busy. She often brings one or two teenage kids with her.

How can I keep the peace between Hubby and visitor? I can't seem to find the middle ground here, I just end up trying to please everyone and not really enjoying the visits...???

Maybe someone else has been in a similar situation?


NotActuallyAMum Mon 17-Mar-14 14:56:19

I just wouldn't do it personally, I'd let them go with their own suggestion of a B&B


Compromise on her staying in a B&B, but you cook the meals?

And tell your dh that she prefers to stay in the B&B, because it gives them a bit of private space, and peace and quiet away from two little ones - plus it means she doesn't need to worry about her teenagers keeping your little ones awake at night, or the little ones waking the teens in the mornings.

Basically paint it as letting her stay in the B&B being the right and hospitable thing to do, because it is what she would prefer.

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