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Christening location

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missknows Mon 17-Mar-14 13:11:39

Was originally planning christening in local church for approx 35 guests. Never in a million years did we think we could have it in the cathedral of the city 30 miles away. Turns out we can have it in the cathedral smile but... only family plus 3 friends (godparents) would fit in. This means 12 guests we were planning on inviting wouldn't be invited after all.

We have no links to local church but VERY strong links to cathedral. AIBU to cut 12 people off guest list and make family travel 30 miles to have christening in cathedral rather than local church?

I should point out that no one has been informed about christening yet but I do feel like I would need to apologise to a few for not being able to invite them due to restriction on numbers at cathedral.

JamNan Mon 17-Mar-14 13:21:39

How lovely that you can have the Christening at the cathedral. I would invite the other 12 guests to the reception afterwards and explain why you can't all fit in.

Are you in a small side chapel? Maybe other guests could sit outside in the main part of the cathedral.

I suppose it depends on if the venue itself is more important to you than the people you would like to be on your childs life.

Personally, people would be more important to me than the venue but that's just me.

missknows Mon 17-Mar-14 13:35:29

Yes it's a side chapel, hence the number restriction. The main family and godparents would be there, just 12 less guests than if numbers weren't restricted. There are very strong family links to the cathedral though and no links to local church. It's a toughie.
Jamnan do you not think people would find it a bit rude being invited to reception but not christening? (even if we do explain why)

JamNan Mon 17-Mar-14 13:45:35

I don't think so. If you can't fit them in you can't but it would be nice to celebrate and for all to see the babe and have a cuddle and eat cake etc.
Just tell them family only.

YellowDinosaur Mon 17-Mar-14 13:45:42

I think inviting family and godparents only is totally normal so if the cathedral is important to you I wouldn't worry about it.

missknows Mon 17-Mar-14 13:52:40

Thank you all. I don't feel so mean now smile

phantomnamechanger Mon 17-Mar-14 13:52:57

well, it makes a change from a wedding venue/guest list thread!

is this your first child? I only ask as it may look odd if people who have been to christenings of your other DC are then not invited to this one.

Your choice all round, of course, though I have never actually known anyone invite/be invited ONLY to the "do" and it may perhaps to some look like they are being invited so they will get you a present? also, it depends on your religious views. I would be sorry to exclude anyone who genuinely held the same beliefs as us about what it meant and who would want to support/pray/celebrate with us on this occasion.

That said, ignore me - as we only had a thanksgiving not a christening specifically so that the DC can choose to be baptised if/when they want to!

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