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To wonder if any of you juggle a few careers ?

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superstarheartbreaker Sun 16-Mar-14 23:22:09

I'm not sure if this is possible. I am looking to move on from teaching. I am hoping to do a bit of supply and do a legal secretary course with a view to moving over to paralegal work. I also love art and male a few bits to sell here and there but there is no way I want to rely on art to make a proper living.
Am I nuts to consider juggling all these options for the time being? Exam marking might also be an option in the future.

superstarheartbreaker Sun 16-Mar-14 23:22:24


superstarheartbreaker Mon 17-Mar-14 15:00:25

Anyone doing this?

ilovesooty Mon 17-Mar-14 15:36:02

I used to teach. I now work full time in criminal justice and addiction currently as a careers advisor and employment and training coordinator. As from next month I'm going part time as I've secured a group counsellor role in another service for 16 hours a week. I'm also a self employed counsellor in private practice and chair of the board of trustees for a local charity, but that's unpaid. I deliver training within my company too.

Have you considered setting yourself up as a freelance trainer or becoming qualified as an NVQ assessor?

Objection Mon 17-Mar-14 15:45:26

I'm a Nanny at the Weekend (12 hours on sat & again on sun)
Work in an office 9-5, Mon to Fri.
Doing BSc Psychology with the OU and run a shop on Etsy selling wedding stuff in the evenings.

It's doable - but I have no real life outside of the above!

Weegiemum Mon 17-Mar-14 15:46:16

I was a f/t secondary teacher in a PT (HoD) role.

I now teach adults basic skills (in the charity sector, focussing on young mums with no qualifications, and including "family literacy" - reading with/to young children). This includes coordinating the project, managing volunteers and fundraising.

I tutor Geography privately.

I mark "Higher" Geography each May/June (Scotland).

I do a few hours a week in a voluntary role fundraising/administering for my church's anti-poverty project.

I have 3 dc of 10, 12 and 14, and a dh who works long hours including regular nights/weekends away (he's a doctor).

I'm also disabled with long term neurological issues which affect my mobility, so all these "wee" things suit well and I can gear up to the 3 hellish weeks of marking, putting support in place ahead of time, managing my hospital visits around that time.

I certainly don't earn as much as when I was teaching ft but I wouldn't have been physically able to do it anyway, and I'm really enjoying the flexibility of being in when the dc get home these days.

I realise I'm lucky not to have to work full time, and this suits me and the family very well.

twentyten Mon 17-Mar-14 15:49:47

Portfolio careers- it's great! I lecture,coach and work as a management consultant- plus voluntary work- and look after my mum and dd. Lots of websites for freelancing women. Good luck!

wordfactory Mon 17-Mar-14 15:51:17

I think having a portfolio of different roles is common these days.

I do a heap of things. I write, run some web sites/blogs, lecture at two different universities...

It suits my personality very well and I like the mix grin.

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