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Or should DP have warned me about the poo face

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Azquilith Sun 16-Mar-14 20:17:47

Was sitting on sofa earlier on iPad idly googling with DS (11 months) standing next to me leaning on the arm of the sofa. He was nappyless as we sometimes let him run free, but had only been so for about two minutes. Anyway, I suddenly noticed a horrendous smell and looked up to see poo everywhere - on him, me, sofa, the works <boak>. What really put the icing on the cake was that DP wandered back in to my screeches and casually said 'oh I thought he had the poo face on but I thought if you hadn't noticed it was your problem'. AIBU to think it was a bit out of order not to get the heads up!

StrawberryTartYum Sun 16-Mar-14 20:20:55

Nooooooo YANBU your DP is a swine!

imnotmymum Sun 16-Mar-14 20:22:51

Sorry but I am laughing at the memory of the poo face! mmm should have had beads up though very bad of your DP (sorry heads up !!! lol))

PorkPieandPickle Sun 16-Mar-14 20:26:10

I hope you made him clean it up after he didn't bother to tell you!!!

phantomnamechanger Sun 16-Mar-14 20:28:01

'oh I thought he had the poo face on but I thought if you hadn't noticed it was your problem'
seriously??? is he always such a prat?

phantomnamechanger Sun 16-Mar-14 20:30:25

Is he also the sort of 'D'P who when DS is about to do something dangerous, like pick up scissors or stick something in a socket, just lets him because "oh yeah I saw but I thought you were looking after him"

Mycatistoosexy Sun 16-Mar-14 20:30:52

She/he who smells it, cleans it, I'm afraid.

except I smell it first then hand toddler over to DP all innocently

phantomnamechanger Sun 16-Mar-14 20:34:28

Mycat I agree if you are talking about nappy changes, but the baby was running round nappyless, and the dad thought he had the poo face on and said nothing which is just bloody daft!

Azquilith Sun 16-Mar-14 20:36:16

Glad it's not just me, thought it was pretty shocking, he even managed to get it on my coat which was on the sofa...can you even take poo smeared coats to the dry cleaners!?

DoJo Sun 16-Mar-14 20:55:49

What a twat - I would have been furious if my husband had allowed our stuff to get covered in shit because he deemed it 'my problem'.

scarffiend Sun 16-Mar-14 21:14:21

YADNBU - what a prick.

wobblyweebles Sun 16-Mar-14 21:19:54

We had a similar incident. My husband put the 8yo to bed in the top bunk.

Later that night the 8yo sat up in bed, put his hand over his mouth and threw up, then leaned over the side of the bunk and threw up again.

When we ran upstairs to see what had happened DH said 'Hmm he did say he felt sick when I put him to bed...'

Azquilith Sun 16-Mar-14 21:43:08

I sympathise wobblyweebles, we've only just recovered from a week long sickness bug which took us through every towel, every blanket, every dressing gown, bed linen and sofa cushions!

BertieBotts Sun 16-Mar-14 21:44:26

I think you should make him sleep on the poo encrusted sofa grin

ikeaismylocal Sun 16-Mar-14 21:56:14

Your dp is an idiot. I hope you went and ran yourself a bath and left the poo explosion for dp to clean up.

My ds is a little older than yours, he did a poo with no nappy on last week and tried to run away from his own poo, whilst continuing to poo all over the living room.

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