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Mum visiting me. AIBU to ask you for some visa advice?

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LilJinx Sun 16-Mar-14 13:40:32

I've posted about this earlier, so apologies if some of it is repetitive.

Here's the exact situation-

My mum has been visiting me in the UK for about 3 years now with no issues. Never had an application refused, never used public funds and never tried to work in the UK.

She has never visited me for longer than 2 months at a go until now. She came over in February this year on a 6 month multiple entry tourist visa and the initial plan was for her to stay with me for only 3 weeks (and this is what was stated on the application). However, my circumstances have changed in that I've had to move etc. and I'd really want her to stay on till the end of April to help me through this.

Given that her visa is valid until August and there is no restriction on it that requires her to leave within a specified number of days, it shouldn't be a problem.

However, I am concerned about her next visa application. She might visit me very briefly in October for my birthday and for this she will have to apply for a new visitor visa (her existing one expires in August).

Will it count against her that she already stayed here for around 3 months this year? And will it look dodgy that she initially said she'd stay for 3 weeks but ended up extending it?

Her previous visit was back in 2012 and was just for 10 days. She didn't visit all of 2013.

She always shows she can support herself, she owns property back home, she is self employed so it's OK for her to be away for 2-3 months, and always travels with a return ticket (which on this occasion is being extended).

LilJinx Sun 16-Mar-14 14:22:38

no immigration advisors on mumsnet?

marcopront Sun 16-Mar-14 14:34:21

Where is she coming from? It shouldn't matter but probably does.

I don't know. You might get more advice is "living overseas" or try a forum more focussed on immigration issues. One i used to use is

Tryharder Sun 16-Mar-14 14:39:23

It will be fine. There will be a space on the visa application web page for any other information. Just tell them what you have told us. You are worrying for nothing, honestly.

LilJinx Sun 16-Mar-14 14:40:09

Her nationality hasn't caused any trouble before and it isn't on the list of nationalities requiring serious checks like police verification etc.

LilJinx Sun 16-Mar-14 15:33:48

Does ukresident have a forum where I can ask this question? I only see links to news articles,

starkadder Sun 16-Mar-14 15:41:09

The fact that she always goes back is in her favour. Multiple trips, always returning home, are a good indicator that she does not want to illegally overstay (the thing they're really worries about). And it is not like she is planning to overstay this time either. So I would not be too concerned, although of course it is difficult without knowing more details.

bbkl Sun 16-Mar-14 15:42:05

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

starkadder Sun 16-Mar-14 15:42:44

You could also just ask the embassy where she will apply for the October visa what their view would be (by email or writing a letter since you have some time).

sandwichedbetween Sun 16-Mar-14 15:44:23

I highly doubt that it will be a problem. The mame gives it away really. Its a multiple entry visa. So say for example if she was to go back within the time frame you mentioned in the application form, but then there was a change in your circumstances and you needed herand she came back before august on the visa she already has,it will be perfectly fine as she is well within her right to do so. So in the same way, she will be OK to stay as long as you want as long as you follow the rules associated to her visa.

nickymanchester Sun 16-Mar-14 15:44:59

Isn't this exactly the same as your previous thread?

As people said on that thread as well, there is absolutely no problem

ballinacup Sun 16-Mar-14 15:47:10

I'm an immigration solicitor.

Technically, as long as she remains within the limitations of her visa (which, from what you've described, she is) then future applications should be fine. It may be worth, when she makes her next application, explaining why she stayed for longer than she intended on her current visa.

Have you considered applying for a longer visa, perhaps a five year multi entry visa? It would work out cheaper, and a lot less hassle for her.

marcopront Sun 16-Mar-14 17:19:48

There are forums on uk resident but they seem to be mainly about longer term visas. It is a lot harder to navigate than it used to be.

LilJinx Sun 16-Mar-14 20:09:16

ballinacup- we've thought many times about applying for a long term visa, but we were always told that those are hard to get approved and there is a higher chance of refusal.

ForeverJinxed Fri 21-Mar-14 00:59:44

So it doesn't ring alarm bells for the Home Office to have someone staying in the UK to visit a relative for around 3 months?

EurotrashGirl Fri 21-Mar-14 01:34:17

YABU to ask the exact same question twice! Speak to an immigration lawyer if you don't trust the advice you received on the earlier thread.

LilJinx Fri 21-Mar-14 01:41:46

I asked again because my exact question was misunderstood in the previous thread. It has nothing to do with mistrusting advice, I just wanted to start again and explain things properly so as to get the correct guidance.

nickymanchester Fri 21-Mar-14 12:08:34

So it doesn't ring alarm bells for the Home Office to have someone staying in the UK to visit a relative for around 3 months?

No, because they can stay for up to six months

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