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To think DD should go into her own room now?

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WonderBarbara Sun 16-Mar-14 09:45:44

Hi, hoping you can help me and DH with our dilemma with bedrooms.
I have 4 kids, DS2 (3), DD1 (18mths) and DD2 (13wks) who are with DH and also DS1 (8) who is my son from previous relationship.
We live in a 3 bed house, two double bedrooms and a single. DS1 has one double bedroom, DS2 has single room and me, DH and the babies have the other room, with DD1 in the cot-bed, DD2 in Moses basket, although usually end up co-sleeping with one, or both.

Now, DH and I both agree that DD1 is ready to move out of our room. Since DD2 has arrived her sleep has become a real issue. Firstly I guess there is the jealously of the new baby and clingyness with that, secondly there is the practicalities, of DD2 waking up a number of times a night for feeds, changes etc, which disturbs her, and once DD1 is up, the only way to settle her is to put her in our bed, hence why we often end up co-sleeping. She was an excellent sleeper from about 7mths till 15months when DD2 arrived, but now, every bedtime is a battle ground, as she just doesn't want to go in her cot anymore, and she can be up in the night up to five or six times.

We feel she is ready for a toddler bed now, as she loves DS2's bed, and always lays on it for her bedtime story. Also, DD2 is rapidly growing out of Moses basket too so it will be good to have the cot for her, but this is not the main reason as we do have a spare cot in the garage.
However, we would like to move her out of our room, as this will be the only way she could sleep without the distractions of DD2, and we could wean her out of the co-sleeping habit we have got her into.

Now, this is where me and DH differ. I think DS2 should move in with DS1, and DD1 should have the single room. I think having her own room will be best to get her into a sleep routine and it will be nice to have a girly room and a boys room. AIBU?

DH thinks I am BU and that DS1 should move to single room, and DS2 and DD1should share the double, as he thinks it would freak DD out to be in her own.

Also, to make this even more annoying, DS1 has protested that he doesn't want either to happen, because he doesn't want the "baby bedroom" (the small room) neither does he want to "share with a baby" (DS2) and is now being really difficult about it all. He told his dad, my Ex, that he was upset about it, and then I had my ex phone me to have a go at me, saying that I was unnecessarily causing DS1 anxiety, because he is settled with the way things are and needs to have his own space away from the little ones and me and DH are being really unfair (apparently).
As much as I love DS1, I am afraid he may just have to like it or lump it with this one and I am annoyed at my ex for sticking his nose in.

We are saving for an extension, but will jot have he money for at least a year it so.

So, AIBU to think the boys should share and DD have her own room?

MiscellaneousAssortment Sun 16-Mar-14 23:44:09

Really Connorsmummy?

They do actually have enough rooms and as far as I'm aware, it's not actually a hanging offense to have children sharing.

I wonder why you wrote that? That post wasn't even disguised as constructive as far as I can see. I hope you got whatever it was you wanted out of it.

WonderBarbara Sun 16-Mar-14 23:50:23

Connors Mummy, sorry but I am actually a bit offended by your tone. Di you mean to sound rude? I have four children, I don't think that is "so many", and I am not having any more. We have got space, I was just seeking advice about which would be the best way to use the space we have. As I said before, we are hoping to extend either next year or the year after. Or, if the opportunity arises we haven't ruled out moving. So please don't make out that I am irresponsible.

WonderBarbara Sun 16-Mar-14 23:50:58

Thank you miscellaneous

hippo123 Sun 16-Mar-14 23:56:12

I would have the boys in a double room and the girls in the single room (youngest joins her sister when big enough).

MiscellaneousAssortment Mon 17-Mar-14 00:59:51

Wonder don't worry smile

Got my goat that did...

BlackeyedSusan Mon 17-Mar-14 01:13:43

they have space. one room for the oldest, two younger ones share, baby in with parents. cotbeds and cots can last until they are 6 or 4 ish if you take the sides off and convert to beds so you could even get three toddler beds into the big room at a push.

I think more people are going to have to live like this with the current economic circumstances.

Sunnysummer Mon 17-Mar-14 05:45:34

You absolutely have space, unlucky Connor has a mean mummy and will presumably never know how lovely it can be to share a room with a sibling as a young child! We were three to a room for quite a bit of my childhood and I adored it.

foreverondiet Mon 17-Mar-14 07:24:36

I would give the 8 year old the choice - small room on his own or big room shared. Although part of me thinks that if you can fit 2 toddler beds in the small room you should do that. Hard on him having been only for 5 year and now with 3 younger siblings. Can't imagine my 7 year old agreeing to either accepting a smaller room or sharing with little brother.

foreverondiet Mon 17-Mar-14 07:27:42

You can also tell oldest that the baby is going into the big room as soon as sleeping all night.

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