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I really need my kitty back. ( not a nice thread)

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HadABadDay2014 Fri 14-Mar-14 23:40:53

I really miss her much I can't put away her bed, her food bowls still have water and food in them, her toys are still scattered around the house.

I just want her back ( not possible she has been PTS due to kidney failure )

My children are devastated and still wide awake.

How can I make this pain go away

TheBody Sat 15-Mar-14 09:58:57

so so sorry op. of course it's heartbreaking and of course it's ok for you all to cry. your kids will get over it quicker than you of course but in the meantime be good to yourselves. hugs hugs xxx

crazynanna Sat 15-Mar-14 09:59:23

Sending much love and strength thanks

Forgettable Sat 15-Mar-14 10:06:11

Awwwww poor everyone

losing a pet is so wrenching and upsetting, I am so sorry

Imnotmadeofeyes Sat 15-Mar-14 10:23:52

How awful for you and your family BadDay flowers

This might be a daft idea and I don't know how old your ds is, but it might be a cathartic exercise for you all to sit together (grown ups included) and draw a picture of your kit doing something you remember them enjoying - chasing a toy, begging for food, curled up in a warm spot etc.

It's so important to remember the happiness the cat gave you and you returned. We all take on a pet knowing full well they'll go long before us, never mind all the things that can happen far too early in their short times. But we push it all to the side and do it anyway because the rewards for them and us are amazing and unmeasurable. Bluntly the we
Decide that the sadness is worth all the happiness no matter how long we get.

Don't subdue your grief, your kitty deserves tears shed for her life, but please don't let it overwhelm the good - and your families love for that little creature is clear and something precious that can be a comfort in itself.

wowfudge Sat 15-Mar-14 11:08:00

Poor you - I understand how you feel. Having a beloved pet pts is tough. We lost our lovely little cat last year. I still have moments where I expect to see her in certain situations then realise that, sadly, that is never going to happen. It did help me to pack her stuff away. It gave me some closure. I've put everything in the cat basket stored away. We can use it if we do ever get another cat.

Her ashes are in a little box on a shelf. We have discussed perhaps scattering them in a place she loved to sit in the garden.

oldgrandmama Sat 15-Mar-14 11:14:52

I kept the ashes of my beloved, gentle cat for several years, in a pretty box. Eventually we made a little ceremony, where my then six year old grandson scattered the ashes in my tiny back garden, where the cat loved to go. I took photos and grandson, now nearly eleven, still remembers the occasion.

I had to have her PTS - she was on the vet's operating table, unconscious for teeth extraction and cleaning, when the news came through from the lab. that the large lump we'd discovered a few days before was in fact a very aggressive cancer. At best she'd have a month or so of fast deteriorating health and a lot of pain. I made the dreadfully sad decision to ask the vet not to let her come round from the tooth operation anaesthetic, and the vet agreed it was the best thing.

I could have let her carry on for a month or so, but it would have been for me, not for the poor cat. But I still feel awful about it.

OP, you did the final most loving and kind thing for your cat. Of course you'll all mourn, it's natural, but after a time, the mourning becomes a sort of gentle acceptance.

LisaMed Sat 15-Mar-14 13:49:35

So sorry to hear of your loss. It's okay to grieve. You have lost a family member. This one had four feet and a tail, but they were still a member of the family.

Sending you lots of hugs. It's coming up to nearly a year since I lost evil cat and there are times when it still hurts. I found talking about her or just remembering all the daft stuff helped. It isn't easy. Loss never is.

I can't currently get another cat, but I will be looking out for one soon, as I think that is the best distraction.

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