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to be a little bit in love with.....

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macdoodle Fri 14-Mar-14 22:51:39

Elijah from the Originals?
I'm a 42 yr old professional, mother FGS grin
But whoar, a gorgeous 1000 year old noble vampire.....dont mind if I do.....

EatShitDerek Fri 14-Mar-14 22:53:06

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

macdoodle Fri 14-Mar-14 22:55:57

Seasonsgreetings Fri 14-Mar-14 22:56:19

You say you don't mind if you do but where do you see your relationship in 30 years time?...

macdoodle Fri 14-Mar-14 22:57:03

Its not really a "relationship" I'm after wink

EatShitDerek Fri 14-Mar-14 22:57:56

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

NynaevesSister Sat 15-Mar-14 03:26:03

Having seen Jim Jamusch's Only Lovers Left Alive this is the only vampire for me. And/or Tilda Swinton too. She is gorgeous.

ChishandFips33 Sat 15-Mar-14 05:21:33

Damn you guys!!

I've just spent the best part of the last hour finding out more about the Originals/Vampire Diaries drooling over pictures of Damon Salvatore
Should have been Mr Grey for sure! (And what seems like a real life Mr Nice Guy)

HalfPintPickle Sat 15-Mar-14 08:09:40

I'm in love with Elijah and his brother! Help me, what should I do?

MalcolmTuckersMistress Sat 15-Mar-14 08:20:09

Ha! He's a spring chicken. My man is almost 2000 years old now, he's only just recently turned grey (well, again)...

<strokes TARDIS>

macdoodle Sat 15-Mar-14 08:28:31

Im trying to break my destructive habits of lifetime of always going for the bad boy. So Klaus is a no no < drool drool >>

SlatternMissesherGrumpyCat Sat 15-Mar-14 09:56:43

Klaus, sigh........

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