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To be FUCKED OFF with tesco?

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MrsKranky Fri 14-Mar-14 22:33:27

Big Shop was due to arrive between six and seven tonight. Seven came and went, as did quarter past, and no word from Tesco, who are supposed to call or text if it's not on time. Half seven I called them, and they told me they'd look into it and call back. They called back to tell me that the driver had just called and had a puncture, and she was running an hour late. Fair enough.

Quater to nine and stil no shopping (takeaway had been ordered), so I called again. Don't know what's happening, they'll get someone to call back. Ten o'clock still no shopping and no call. Called again. Shop systems and phones are down, can't get in touch with delivery driver. Nothing they can do, but don't think we'll get our shopping tonight. Told them to cancel the order, want a full refund, and we'll never shop with them again. So he offered me a £10 voucher. Um no, because I won't be using it.

When were they going to let me know it was going to be so late? When were they going to tell me it wasn't coming at all? How long were we supposed to wait? What if we had somewhere to be? Or were waiting for nappies or formula?

Just got an email confirming our £10 voucher due to our dissatisfaction.

I am fuming.

YouTheCat Fri 14-Mar-14 23:56:58

Why is this not a problem just because someone else might have a bigger problem? It's still bloody annoying and there will always be someone with a bigger problem.

I mean, why even bother commenting if you have such huge problems? Surely you'd be too busy dealing with these things to comment?

Viviennemary Sat 15-Mar-14 00:04:41

I don't like Tesco's and we decided to use it as little as possible even thought it's our nearest supermarket. Their special offers are always misleading. And their fruit and veg is dreadful. And the bread usually stale. Hate it.

soulrebel63 Sat 15-Mar-14 00:05:49

I don't have any problems, maybe you might class them as problems but I put them in perspective, I'm lucky enough to not have any real problems at the moment. If a late delivery of shopping from Tesco is your biggest worry then count yourself lucky!

YouTheCat Sat 15-Mar-14 00:11:12

Oh ffs. It might just be the icing on the cake. OP already said it had been a hard week. And it is more about their lack of communication with the OP than the fact they didn't deliver.

Did you even read the, very short, thread?

soulrebel63 Sat 15-Mar-14 00:14:58

As I've already said, if a late delivery of shopping from Tesco is your biggest worry then you're not doing too bad at all.

YouTheCat Sat 15-Mar-14 00:19:12

But that probably isn't her biggest worry. So why even bother to comment? You aren't empathising. You aren't offering any constructive advice. Do you just come on to be unpleasant?

Quinteszilla Sat 15-Mar-14 00:20:30

"If a late delivery of shopping from Tesco is your biggest worry then count yourself lucky!"

Indeed! But we dont know if this is somebody's biggest problem or not! It could be the straw that broke the camels back!

And it does not matter, as people can post about whatever they like, big or small.

Personally, I have a whole host of big problems. It did not stop my from posting about my own gripe with Tesco before Christmas, when they sold me 3 boxes of chocolate that was out of date the week after! When you consider the long useby date of chocolate, and the fact that the boxes in the pictures online was of new boxes, and I got summer boxes from two years back, I felt incensed enough to post.

Tesco just said it was my own fault for not checking the delivery better! They told me I could bring the boxes into store for a refund. No time for that as I was travelling and the boxes were meant to be gifts. hmm I binned them and vowed to never shop with them again. I used to do my weekly shop with them, so spending more than £400 per month with them. I have not set foot in Tesco since, and I have not ordered online. The onus should be on them to not sell items that nobody in their right minds would pick themselves. The boxes were old, damaged, opened, some lacking chocolate pieces! angry

soulrebel63 Sat 15-Mar-14 00:22:08

Sorry about your chocolate

YouTheCat Sat 15-Mar-14 00:23:15

I remember that thread, Quint. Shockingly bad and they didn't give a shit either.

Quinteszilla Sat 15-Mar-14 00:24:15

Yes, I am sorry too. They were for my old dad, as gifts for his friends. It gives an old wheelchair bound paralyzed man great pleasure to treat his friends to chocolate from London. Those of his friends that are still alive, mind. <tiny violins> But never mind, I got them in the airport instead. <sigh>

Quinteszilla Sat 15-Mar-14 00:27:17

No, Tesco really did not give a shit, YouTheCat. (secretly pleased somebody remember my thread!)

So I wont give them my money.

I had been annoyed with them for a long time. Changing the weight and sizes of items, keeping the images the same so people thought it was the same as before, so paying more for less. Food items near sell by dates, mouldy fruit and berries. Silly substitutions/mistakes, such as Always incontinence instead of sanitary pads, etc, Shoddy.

wowfudge Sat 15-Mar-14 07:06:58

Now some of your experiences are why I don't do online shopping. Once did with friends for a weekend away and Tesco substituted a jar of pesto for half a dozen eggs. We can cook, but turn eggs into pesto?

Years later I wondered whether the order picker had thought, 'no pesto here, how about carbonara instead?' We did have bacon in the order after all.

Janorisa Sat 15-Mar-14 07:16:51

I don't think you're being harsh OP. They should have called.

curiousuze Sat 15-Mar-14 07:40:31

I gave up on Tesco online when they delivered three litter trays instead of the cat litter I'd ordered. This was after a year of them having never once either brought my whole order, or got it right. The time keeping was a bit hit or miss too, considering I was sometimes paying £5 for delivery.

I use Ocado now and in two years they have never once been late or got my order wrong. Not even any replacements! And once they turned up with a huge order of cat food and litter - I got upset because the cat had unexpectedly died that afternoon, and the driver was lovely, took it all away, arranged a refund, and gave me a comforting speech about life and death smile.

RussianBlu Sat 15-Mar-14 07:48:37

I agree with you OP. It is a total nuisance when it turns up late, or in your case not at all. I also order my food online (would take up most of a day if I had to keep walking backwards and forwards to the supermarket to get the food we need for the week) and by the time I am due for a food delivery, I have almost bare cupboards so if no food were to turn up we would be rather hungry and have to start ordering takeaway and eating late at night or concocting something from nothing. It would also mean that we would wake up the next day and have nothing for breakfast, no milk for tea and so on. So while it is perfectly reasonable for them to be late due to flat tyres/traffic and so on it is unreasonable for Tesco not to have called their customer to let her know and update her.

BigRedBall Sat 15-Mar-14 07:49:29

Tesco customer service must differ area to area because I've never had a problem with them. I only use click and collect though because I hate waiting around for deliveries.

Once they forgot to give me a bag of my things and I couldn't get back there to pick them up so they got them delivered to me and refunded me the whole bag of shopping. That was about £6 worth. Last time they tried to give me 2 tubs of flora, when I only ordered one. The man laughed and said "I wonder how that got in there, I'll just refund it for you" so I got a free tub...confused.

The workers are all really nice and cheerful at our local store too.

(No I don't work for them, just genuinely impressed with our local Tesco smile)

MrsKranky Sat 15-Mar-14 07:58:51

Hullo! I have slept and am calm again!

It really wasn't the puncture or lack of delivery due to unforeseen circumstances that made me so cross last night, it was the lack of communication and that I was sat round till 10pm not knowing if it was coming or not, but it didn't & that's, that. Got to drag a very uncooperative DSD round morrisons later but as PP said, I should count myself lucky if that's the least of my problems.

It was really a matter of enough is enough with tesco, five out of the last six deliveries have been late, which has made us late for various things, we had our entire freezer section of one shop forgotten and never delivered, we've been sent food that's gone out of date before we placed the order, let alone before the delivery, we've had three different items that have been damaged, safety tabs missing from tubs, bread that was just a bag of crumbs. All over the past couple of months. Hence my hissy-fit last night over never using them again!

Going to see what morrisons online delivery is like instead.

BrianTheMole Sat 15-Mar-14 09:06:45

I agree op. They should have kept in contact with you.

Sparklingbrook Sat 15-Mar-14 09:11:53

This is why when I do use Tesco I do Click and Collect. No faffing about waiting.

I assume all supermarket deliveries have their own problems.

Hoppinggreen Sat 15-Mar-14 09:17:41

I've never personally had a delivery problem but I know people who have had issues with Asda and Tesco and there are often threads on here and another parenting website about it.
I've never heard of problems with Sainsburys or Ocado. I tend to use Ocado as there are rarely substitutions and they aren't as expensive as everyone thinks

vexedfoxy Sat 15-Mar-14 09:20:49

Crikey if that is the worse thing that happened in your day then tick it off as ok. I think if you want your shopping to arrive at the exact time you wish it go collect it yourself? Just at thought? Clearly you have never run any sort of logistics operation/never broken down/been late....blah blah...must be awesome being perfect, hope you ordered Brasso for you halo.

FrancesNiadova Sat 15-Mar-14 09:29:51

I've had dreadful experiences with Asda online, so won't use them again, but Tesco have always been great, (Sainsburys won't deliver because we're too rural).
I have been on crutches for the last 3 years & find pushing a trolley difficult; I tend to use it like a baby walker but it is hard to push when it gets any weight in it. The staff at my local Tesco store are lovely & have helped me push the trolley & brought stuff to my car. Without help like that & the delivery guy bringing my Xmas turkey in & putting it in my fridge for example, I'd find everyday life much more difficult.

MrsKranky Sat 15-Mar-14 09:29:54

Goodness foxy, that's a bit harsh!

I did work in logistics, for quite a while, and if we'd not told the customer that their delivery was not coming we'd have been in a whole lot of trouble.

Again, it isn't the breakdown, it's the lack of communication .

Sainsburys seem to have good feedback, so I shall give them a go on Mumsnets recommendation!

Musicaltheatremum Sat 15-Mar-14 09:30:11

Sounds like your store is disorganised. Yes it's a first world problem but it is irritating. But on the plus side Morrisons is a lot cheaper. I don't do online shop now as there's only me at home but I used to use sainsburys and they were great. Always call if there's a problem

fryingpantoface Sat 15-Mar-14 09:31:23

vexedfoxy a bowl of milk for table two?

stop being so catty. Your post added nothing to the thread.

op - I've been there and it's irritating! It's not being told which annoys me more then them being late

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