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To ask for break up coping strategies

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Weathergames Thu 13-Mar-14 23:48:58

I was engaged last week the day before my bday that ended.

Totally devastated, coping strategies anyone?

So far long walks, checking phone continuously, vodka and smoking hmm

thesecowsaresmallthosearefaraw Fri 14-Mar-14 01:33:15

Borrow a dog for cuddles and walks. Mine likes going to the pub too.

thesecowsaresmallthosearefaraw Fri 14-Mar-14 01:34:02

PS sorry that you are having an awful time.

lessonsintightropes Fri 14-Mar-14 01:36:59

So sorry to hear that Weathergames. To paraphrase a film, it is always going to be an unbearably shit time. Vodka and smoking sound like very short term things (although there's definitely a place for them...)

I had a bad breakup a few years ago and started running which helped distract me. I also started to cook, which I now love. Thankfully the two mostly cancelled each other out. I also inhaled chicklit, stupid thrillers and box sets (mainly vampire or crime related), spent a lot of time with friends and did a lot of walking plugged into my iPod.

It does get better, promise. So sorry you are in this situation flowers

Monty27 Fri 14-Mar-14 01:37:03

He's not the man you met, not the man you thought he was. He's now a stranger.

We don't love strangers, do we OP.

Please recover flowers

Marylou62 Fri 14-Mar-14 10:30:45

I too was devastated by a break up and couldn't see the future at all. My mum said there were plenty more fish in the sea...but I felt I was in a puddle. I did all the above...and then met 'the one'. We have been married now for 23 years and have 3 DCs. I know you wont think like this now...I didn't... but You will get over this sad time. Virtual hugs to you. X

FreckledLeopard Fri 14-Mar-14 10:35:11

I'm three weeks post break-up (not engaged and hadn't been together very long, but was very intense and emotional when we were together) and things are definitely better than they were three weeks ago. I'm not sobbing all over the place anymore at least.

I listened to a lot of Taylor Swift "We are never ever getting back together" and thought of all the negatives of the relationship. I'm trying to keep busy and have been planning lots of things with friends and family to distract myself.

I'm focusing a lot of time at work too and my increased productivity and positive feedback makes me feel happier and more valued.

Can you take some time to do something nice for yourself - hair, nails, massage?

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