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To TTC while taking antidepressants

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StairgatesAgainPlease Thu 13-Mar-14 20:19:27

I am suffering from depression and anxiety, brought on by a number of issues - one being the death of my darling boy 18 months ago at 6 hours old, and not being able to conceive since (i have one living DC who is 5). I've only just been diagnosed, after a series of panic attacks and increasingly obsessive behaviour, and my psychiatrist is very keen for me to start antidepressants, as she feels I will only get worse (and have been doing so in last few weeks, despite counselling). This, she says, would mean a break from TTC for at least 9 months- then possibly wean off the ADs and start TTC again if all well.

The issue is that my infertility is clearly one of the causes of my depression - I have always struggled to conceive - and I'm loathe to take a break. I'm 35 and, while not old, I would rather not take too long about it. However psychiatrist thinks I'm not in the right frame of mind to cope with pregnancy and a baby. I don't think a baby would cure me, but the need to have a baby, particularly after losing one in tragic circumstances, is all-consuming and every day another friend seems to be announcing a pregnancy, which brings me lower and lower.

I am seeing her next week and want to broach the subject of TTC while on ADs and maybe staying on a low-ish dose while pregnant, but I already know she is not really keen.

I know I need the ADs, as I'm finding everything such a struggle and getting more and more panicky and obsessive, but I can't bear the thought of putting off TTC any longer.

Just after thoughts on what the solution might be. Or anyone who has had a healthy baby while taking ADs (or anyone who has had problems doing so- not just after the success stories)

SquidBobSpongyPants Thu 13-Mar-14 20:39:46

There is another thread running similar to yours re antidepressants whilst ttc. I dont have any knowledge of the subject im afraid so i cant help but didnt want you to think you were being ignored, just the other thread was started earlier so people are probably thinking its a duplicate. The link is

thanks Sorry about your little boy

Mitchy1nge Thu 13-Mar-14 20:43:31

are they teratogenic?

StairgatesAgainPlease Thu 13-Mar-14 20:47:54

Aha! thanks squid

bobot Thu 13-Mar-14 22:42:52

Definitely read the other thread. The advice your psychiatrist is giving is not standard, and I'm surprised by it. Could you ask for a second opinion?

FudgefaceMcZ Thu 13-Mar-14 22:49:00

YANBU at all. I am sorry for your loss, too. Your psychiatrist/consultant has a duty to look at an appropriate prescription for you taking into account all of your circumstances including ttc. There are several anti-depressants which are known to be safe for pregnancy (and breastfeeding etc). There are also others which have not been fully proven to be safe but most evidence suggests they are (I took fluoxetine throughout pregnancy and breastfeeding- it's not on the 'safe' list because there haven't been enough trials, but the only effect it can have is low birth weight and with my consultant we decided this was on balance less of a risk than me losing job/home/whatever if depression continued through pregnancy- in fact dd was huge (4kg)).

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