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To think pre 1989 tenancy rights should be restored?

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fideline Thu 13-Mar-14 11:06:56

And that Assured Shorthold Tenancies should be abolished (or severely restricted?

Pre 1989 nearly all rents were subject to 'fair rent' adjudication and private tenants had much better security of tenure.

Reintroducing similar measures would vastly improve quality of life for millions of people in the UK (including children) and help to reduce the Housing Benefit bill.

Special exemptions and phasing arrangements could be made for accidental LLs and amateur LLs with small portfolios.


fideline Tue 18-Mar-14 01:04:24

Tell me Abs exactly what documents I would need to forge in order to rent out a cottage that didn't belong to me? If you want to twist it that the "grafter"remark referred to my DHs cottage not being let out, please do tell me how to perpetrate that particular fraud against the legal owners wishes. (And why choosing not to constitutes a lack of 'graft')

We both know someone else's property isn't what you meant.

Nothing else to say to you.

Caitlin17 Thu 20-Mar-14 00:05:55

I take it Fideline you haven't actually bothered to look at the PRHP website? You asked for debate. I've provided plenty of information about the Scottish legislation and its system of regulation and enforcement. You have paid no attention to any of it beyond dismissing the PRHP as being unrepresentative.

Who mentioned anything about forgery? I assume your post is to try to justify why you are happy to have a house sitting empty-you can't do anything as it's his.

tryingreallytrying Thu 20-Mar-14 09:33:12


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