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to want meds for Morning sickness, a few days in?

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lill72 Thu 13-Mar-14 10:20:51

I had terrible morning sickness with DD until week 20, and now 7 weeks pregnant with DC2 I feel queasy all the time. It is harder this time, as I have a little person to look after.

Last time they did put me on meds, only after the second app where I begged. Knowing what I may have in store, I just don't know whether to nip it in the bud straight away.

people seem to brush off morning sickness, esp doctors!!! As though it is nothing, when it actual fact it can be extremely debilitating. I am scared of how I am going to survive the coming weeks. It is enduring not living.

IceBeing Thu 13-Mar-14 10:23:30

So sorry to hear it is back this time. I would get to the doctors immediately.

Also don't be fobbed off to wait for a second appointment...

If you know what worked last time then they will probably give it to you anyway!

good luck!

Seeline Thu 13-Mar-14 10:24:44

I had bad ms with my first - constant nausea and being sick 8-10 times a day at all times. I was signed off work for 8 weeks.
With my second pg, as soon as I started feeling sick I was at the docs and refused to leave until they gave me something. Like you I knew it would be so much harder with a toddler - just the thought of changing nappies, preparing food and mealtimes was too much, let alone having to leave the house, entertain my DS etc!
The meds were good, stopped the 24hr nausea. I was still sick a few times but it was manageable. The down side was the meds made me sooo sleepy which was hard.

Booboostoo Thu 13-Mar-14 10:28:51

I don't have it as bad as some people but it is absolutely horrible. Go to your doctor asap and push for help.

There is a support thread here you may want to join:

(apologies if you are already on it/aware of it!!!).

pointythings Thu 13-Mar-14 12:03:06

Go and ask for help now, it's miserable. I had 24/7 nausea up to 20 weeks - bad, but not bad enough to need medication - and I still remember it vividly. Why suffer when you don't have to?

Samu2 Thu 13-Mar-14 12:22:42

I had hypermesis with my 4th for 9 months straight.

On drips often, couldn't lift my head most days. I couldn't keep down water or any food.. I had a sore chest and throat for 9 months from being sick countless times. It was evil. I was skinny when she was born as I just could not eat without throwing up the second food went in my mouth. I had never felt so ill in all my life. I couldn't even take the kids to school.

When I got pregnant with number 5 I went on tablets straight away. I had to go to hospital once but going on them earlier did help make it more manageable and it was gone by the time I was 16 weeks pregnant.

I also had awful sickness with my first three but it 'only' lasted 13 weeks. I wish I had got some meds with those three straight away.

I hope it doesn;t last long for you. Get the meds.

lill72 Sat 15-Mar-14 12:34:03

Thanks for everyone's comments, though I am sorry to hear how some of you suffered! Samu2 - you are most brave to go through with a 5th pregnancy after the horrible time you had with the 4th!

I have been to the doctor and been prescribed some meds - they help a little - take the edge. Apparently after 12 weeks I can get stronger ones - just have to endure the first trimester. Oh I cannot wait til this it is over. It is so hard to explain to anyone that has not been through it.I am barking orders at DH about cleaning the house as I cannot do. He understands that I am not well but very hard to understand fully.

BlackeyedSusan Sat 15-Mar-14 15:16:29

they gave me meds second time without much fuss. they only took the edge of. I still felt sick, but not like I was about to be sick any time I moved or sat up.

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