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Showing sports events at wedding receptions?

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spottyboobs Thu 13-Mar-14 01:47:22

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

OwlinaTree Thu 13-Mar-14 01:56:15

Went to a wedding where they had some football matchon, can't remember what now but some sort of euro/world cup. It was on in the bar at the same time as buffet afternoon meal was served so people were wandering in and out eating, watching it etc. It was an informal meal tho. After the match there was entertainment/disco and they then did speeches and cake much later in the pm so there was no chance of overlap. So it would depend on what time the match is on and whether the speeches/meal can be planned to not clash with it I suppose.

vulgarwretch Thu 13-Mar-14 01:58:20

I assume that since her dp wants the TV there, it is a sporting event of some significance to a lot of people (World Cup final?). So if they have the TV set up, it's guaranteed that a good proportion of the guests will watch the game. I think most wedding guests will be polite enough to sit through dinner and the speeches beforehand though. So it depends how important it is to her that people participate in the dancing or whatever is planned for after dinner. The kicker is that her new husband is going to be one of the people watching the football, which might annoy her quite a lot.

MrsMook Thu 13-Mar-14 04:09:55

The most tedious wedding I've been to revolved around some match (I don't even know what sport). The wedding ceremony was at 12, and the wedding breakfast after 7pm. Lots of standing around starving. The only refreshments in that time was a round of coffee/ juice with a biscuit. It was an isolated venue with nowhere to go, and most guests were staying elsewhere. It felt very badly thought out.

I don't think sport and weddings mix. A wedding is a once only event. Even world cup finals roll around every 4 years. If they really do have to watch the game, at least make sure that the other guests are comfortable and entertained, and not hanging around hungry and bored while half the guests gawp insensibly at a screen.

(I used the wedding as a learning experience for ours the following year and made sure that people had a fair idea of timings so they could relax and get comfortable.

CheshireDing Thu 13-Mar-14 04:23:11

I went to one years ago where the tv was on in the bar for a football match, it was awful.

The bar was full of blokes shouting at the tv and the disco room (iykwim) just had the women sat around and the DJ playing to an empty dance floor.

It was about 20 years ago when i was a young teenager, i remember even then thinking it was odd.

SheMovesWithTheSparrows Thu 13-Mar-14 04:30:54

I think it's a terrible idea, and really, really bad form. Anyone that incapable of waiting a few hours and watching it later should just decline the wedding invitation. I would be beyond furious if what Cheshire described had happened to me.

Your sister's fiance is being an arse. I think they should change the date of the wedding if it's such a big deal for him, or the other idea is that she could just change fiance.

SheMovesWithTheSparrows Thu 13-Mar-14 04:31:42

It begs the question: what would happen if she went into labour when the football was on? hmm

EurotrashGirl Thu 13-Mar-14 04:51:43

My brother's wedding was the same day as a major horse race. Some of the guests had a tradition of going to the race every year, so it was screened in their honor. It didn't detract from the atmosphere at all, in fact enhanced the atmosphere. But it depends on the sport. Horse races only last for a few minutes.

Fruli Thu 13-Mar-14 05:45:48

I've been to several:
World cup game (Eng v someone) that we missed due to the bride's insitance it not interfere with her day. Lovely wedding.
Tim Henman losing a Wimbledon match in the bar while the wedding breakfast/speeches were happening in the room next door. Lovely wedding but lots of 'bathroom breaks'.
Some premier league football game (of no great significance, except to the groom) on during an informal bar/buffet, sound turned off, disco in the same bar. Lovely wedding.
I think it depends on the game, the guests and the timing of it all. Delayed transmission and banning mobiles might seem drastic but if keeps all parties happy...

paxtecum Thu 13-Mar-14 06:17:46

Maybe it is time to cancel the wedding.

HadABadDay2014 Thu 13-Mar-14 06:27:40

I would have, it's just not the brides day but also the grooms.

If she has chosen every other aspect of the wedding why can't he pick this one thing.

Littlefish Thu 13-Mar-14 06:31:15

Abeolutely terrible idea. Move the date of the wedding if necessary, but do not show a sporting fixture unless everything in the wedding is planned to work around it so that it does not cut across dinner/speeches/dancing etc.

VeggySausage Thu 13-Mar-14 06:41:01

Who said she planned every aspect of the day,, op says they are planning their wedding. And if her fiance didn't help to even plan his own wedding why should he get to ruin everything she did plan? Think its a bad idea op wil spoil the atmosphere with a bunch of people standing around in front of a telly

MaryWestmacott Thu 13-Mar-14 06:43:32

Move the date of the wedding, it'll ruin the day, there's no point spending c£15k on something you know in advance will be a bit shit.

VeggySausage Thu 13-Mar-14 06:43:35

If your sis decided she really fancied not missing the hollyoaks omnibus would he fiance be happy to watch that at their wedding

AuntieStella Thu 13-Mar-14 06:46:52

I think the duration is important. If it's a major horse race, or the Boat Race or something else fairly short (which appeals to many) then it's something that can be put up with. Hope it's not cricket!

World Cup is tricky - if it's an important match involving team of your nationality or location, then you have a problem. Especially if there they reach the final (last time England did was 1966 - a fan would see a one-in-a-lifetime thing, not a four-yearly one).

As you say he is not persuadable, you either have to embrace it (and DH), abandon the wedding plan, or move the date.

Btw: wedding v fixture is an unusual clash, but do think whether his attitude is similarly one-off, or if there is anything you should be learning from this about his decision-making style and what happens when you have opposing views.

AuntieStella Thu 13-Mar-14 06:49:00

Sorry 'you' should have been 'your DSis' throughout (posting whilst still having coffee and turning brain back on)

Bowlersarm Thu 13-Mar-14 06:50:46

I'm a big sports fan, but I think a wedding trumps any sporting occasion.

The trouble is, that if she envisages people sloping off to a local pub or to listen in their cars or to their hotel rooms to watch it, her wedding will be disrupted anyway.

If she knows a lot of people are passionate about this sporting event, I think she should change the day, as people could potentially disappear to watch it, or even drop out of coming to her wedding entirely.

tripecity Thu 13-Mar-14 06:52:08

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

AuntieStella Thu 13-Mar-14 06:52:11

Oh, and one other question for your DSis to consider - is it better to have the event on properly, or just 'lose' guests who slope off to other places showing it, or just use their own phones etc anywhere in the venue. Latest technology has changed the balance of interests.

AuntieStella Thu 13-Mar-14 06:58:59


AmberDextrous Thu 13-Mar-14 07:06:59

I think it'd be great and really enhance the atmosphere esp if it was an England match or something. But then both me & DH love sporting events as do most of our family & friends.
Also would be fab not to have miss an event due to another wedding!

NymodigFruOla Thu 13-Mar-14 07:08:08

I went to the evening do of a wedding when there was some major football match on the same evening. The do was in a hotel where they had one bar and an adjoining room specifically for the wedding. Apparently there was another bar which had a TV showing the football. Most of the male guests - and possibly the groom too - disappeared into the other bar to watch the football.

Although, obviously, the match time didn't clash with the main reception/speeches, it was still pretty awful.

TamerB Thu 13-Mar-14 07:10:01

I wouldn't want it as a guest never mind the bride! It is a day to put the wedding before anything else.

Sparklingbrook Thu 13-Mar-14 07:16:41

I think it's a good idea. Weddings are really boring.

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