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This picture is totally unnecessary...

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MezleyM Wed 12-Mar-14 16:33:51

This is not about a pro-choice/pro-life debate. I was on a school trip this afternoon with Y8. We were walking along Whitehall, spotting Downing Street, Horseguards Parade etc when one of them noticed a huge picture outside the Dept of Health building, of a 24 week aborted foetus, I assume put up by a pro-life group. Some of the kids noticed it. So firstly I had to explain what it was (as simply and as non-judgementally as possible), and then comfort the understandably upset kids I had with me.
I get this is a contentious issue...but really? Is this the way to get the point across? Aside from the kids I was with, I found it pretty upsetting as well...whatever your view surely this is not the way to make your point?

TwinklyMummaLuvsHerBubba89 Wed 12-Mar-14 16:36:50


There are better ways to air your views than showing such upsetting and inflammatory images.

UnicornCrisps Wed 12-Mar-14 16:38:49

YANBU, completely uneccessary. I understand the want to spark a discussion but that is a totally inappropriate way to do it.

TwinklyMummaLuvsHerBubba89 Wed 12-Mar-14 16:39:39

Meant to add, aside from the pro/choice debate, what about women who have had miscarriages and stillborn children? They see that image without having the option to not see it (as you would if you chose to read a leaflet for example).

It's sickening quite frankly that they're allowed to publicly display such things.

70isaLimitNotaTarget Wed 12-Mar-14 17:27:01

There was a small stand in our town centre (Pro Life Religious ) with some little life size models of various gestations.

My DC went over, they started talking to us. I didn't say anything rude to them (they are entitled to their opinion, just as I am entitled to hold the opposite opinion )

But I think if people see these graphic images it might make them consider the consequences of whatever actions they take. Wether that's abortion or having unprotected sex.(And I have a teen and a preteen so I want them to be aware and protect themselves)

Unlike a girl in my school who had 3 terminations before she left at 16. In her view it was no more inconvient than missing a bus hmm

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